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operforGowrib : I am looking to open a credit card. If I use the online approval tool to determine whether or not I'm even eligible for one, will it negatively affect my credit score? I'm new to this whole process, so whatever information you could provide would be extremely beneficial!

Thank you in advance for your help!
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fakeoakleysy4 : It depends. If you actually apply for the credit and do a detailed application which involves a credit check then it will alter your credit score. If they allow you to get the credit and you pay it back on time then it will positively change your credit score as it will prove you are responsible with lending etc. If they refuse you credit then it can adversely effect your credit rating. The more you get declined the more it affects it. Though they do review credit scored every 3 months so if you get declined now you may be accepted in 3 months. If you just do an eligibilty thing, which does not include a credit check or all your details then it will not affect your credit rating at all as no checks have been carried out. Make you are careful with credit cards, some of the apt is very high, or is subject to change. Look around for the beat deal. One from a bank eh hsbc is probably quite a safe bet. I have one and the apr is 16% and if you do forget to pay the charges are not ridiculous.
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Bormmayonry : If you apply for a credit card, whether online or in person at your bank, they will do a credit inquiry which will ding your score for a few points -- not enough to worry about.

If you have never had a loan or credit card, it is likely that you have no credit history and no score. You may have problems qualifying for any credit card. Apply at your bank or credit union. You have a relationship with them and they are more likely to approve you than some online site. You may have to start with a secured card -- you pay a deposit which is held as collateral against your line of credit.
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Vordsmody : If you are using a tool that just tells you what card you may qualify for when they actually do run your credit, that probably would be considered a soft pull and will not hurt your score or show up as an inquiry.
If you do submit an application asking them to extend you credit, that is a hard pull and will cost you a few points.
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Groolipioli : I need acne laser treatment and I do not have money to pay at least i do not have enough to make full payments since i will be starting college soon. I was looking at carecredit, but it says that they look at your past credit history when applying. So, how do I start building credit from scratch?

I will start a new job for the first time minimum wage. I will start college spring of next year. I will definitely need a car (i do not want to lease one i want to buy it) and i will need a computer and other stuff. i live with my sisters and mom so rent is not an issue.

I was thinking discover student credit card? it it a good way to start? any advice?
22 y/o single no kids
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alusEsmadohal : Ok get full time job. even fast food will
f/t bring u in net after taxes 240 weekly.

do price around at least 5 places.

that is 3120 every 3 months.
so from that u should have 2000 every 3 months.

if it can be done with that in 6 months of income
u will have time for income to be ready for
community college locally.

as for school cost visit bookstore for these
if in USA .
debt free U(niversity) Ben Kaplan.
how to go to college (almost) debt free,
Zaks Bissonnette.
Total money make over, Dave Ramsey.

these will allow u $$ for college and how not
to go into credit slavery.

Ok understand how credit works.
u borrow 1000$ u pay back 1250$ in
a year , u had to earn 1600$ to do so.

is that smart to u?
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a36278440 : Get a credit card and use it. Don't spend the limit. For example: if the limit is 1K, spend $500.

Also if you need a computer, have one of your parents help you get a best buy credit card. Those have no interest for a few months, so you can do some monthly payments. That is how I helped my girlfriend get credit history.

Same with the car. Your parents can help you buy it, and make sure the payment count towards your credit. In other words your parents are just a guarantee to the bank that you will pay or they will go after your parents for the money. In less than one year you will have good credit history. Assuming you pay on time.
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WenBahefforne : You don't start with a student card. It is not a good way; it is not even a bad way. It is an impossible way. You cannot get a student card until after you have started some other way. No "student" cards are available to anyone who has not yet built any credit.

You may be able to get a "secured" credit card, but not a "student" credit card.

A "secured" credit card is probably the only way to start nowadays. There used to be others before 2008.
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iuolermef : Discover has high interest rates, be aware that putting anything on credit means paying much more for.the item, even though your first credit card may start with a low balance that can increase once you start making payments on time. This can lead to trouble as you will be tempted, even though you may think not now, to put more items on credit. Your balance will grow, your interest rate payments will grow. The best way to build credit is to pay off whatever you charge at the end of the month. That way you don't pay interest and get stuck every month with a bill. Also, be aware of zero interest plans for a certain amount of time, you will get charged back interest if you don't pay the whole balance off before the time period ends. Can you get a parent to cosign with you on the credit card, you might get a lower interest rate?
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vavaf : I'm asking this because I want to learn programming on linux mint. I have a virtual machine running linux mint 15 and want to know if there are any IDES for major languages like Python,C++,C,Java,HTML etc...

Also how do I install compiliers for the languages I just mentioned and most / other major langauges?

Are there any guides on the internet?

Best answer 10 points.
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