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Cherrimyb : Whats the best kind of card to get if I just want to connect it to my paypal and let it sit there so I can have instant transactions from the bank ?
Im thinking something without annual fees, or something like that, I dont know my options though.

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nhedukoc : whereever you have your checking/savings account and deposit your paychecks would be the appropriate place to start. there are still some banks that do not have an annual fee for a card.
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Sleeryrub : You dont need a card to have instant access to your bank acct on Paypal...
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ringajm150 : I am currently in my freshman year of college. I was told that I should apply for a credit card so that I can start building my credit score. As a college student, I would prefer not to pay an annual fee on the card. So my question is, are there any credit card for which I could apply for that do not have an annual fee and are available to those with no credit history?
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FriendWilliam : Best way is to get a credit card with whatever bank you have.
Otherwise if you have no credit history some credit card companies will offer you a credit card but require a deposit.
Just make sure when you do get one that you only spend money you have, meaning you know you can pay it off when you make a purchase.
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PenGliliabe : As a child (between 6-15) I was using some older languages like Quickbasic PHP java and so on.

I would like to make an easy game. It would contain just images and some number (no motion) and I would like that it would be playable in a web browser and players could play it with/against each other.

I haven t used any programming language for about 15 years now. So i have really no idea what is good for what.
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rikesuiburnsc : Well, your game isn't very demanding, you could make it in java, or even flash. However considering it should be playable online, some knowledge of web programming would be useful, that would be HTML . Python, Ruby and Perl are powerful tools for online programming, but only if you are really into it.
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ComprarViagraAR : You need to learn C++ and visual basic for some visual effect. And you also need to learn animation.
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poolppaz : Before starting a hard and endless coding project, I suggest you to create a simple game on Game Cloud:
(example: )

It's online, without programming, free, easy as 1-2-3 and immediate. You type a name for your game and click on "Create a game". Under the game on the page, there is a game editor with a grey grid. It represents the world of the game. There are items you can add on the map (blocks of bricks, bombs, parchments and keys). Select the item and click on the map to add it on the world.
- A parchment indicates where you start.
- A block of brick prevents you from going further. You can build walls, platforms and grounds with it.
- A bomb kills you. You must avoid them.
- A key is the item you must find to finish the game. It is the target of the player. You can draw several keys on the game.

The player is a penguin that can move to the right and the left, fall and jump up to 5 blocks. So if you create a wall with 5 blocks of bricks, you can pass over it. If it is higher, the penguin can't go on the other side.

There are several pages to explain how to use the site:

And you can ask your questions here:
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