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BriniAllorp :

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plumImmorefup : No. Anyone, at any age can do so.
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Louisepolia1999 : i dont know any programming. i found the program "scratch" which basically showed how code gets read by a program but i dont know any languages (c+, c++ etc.) that i should know before i start coding. im 14 and i think i have the mental capacity to start learning these types of things. i would continue with "scratch" if it wasnt so childish and easy.
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stoffCitsmord : If you want, starting with something like MATLAB might be a good start. It was written in c so it's basically like them anyways, but it's simpler and will give you a good understanding of how programming works.
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Jamases : I use it mainly for pictures (editing, printing, storing), emails, work processor (creating, saving), using a fax machine, printer, scanner, copier (3 machines hooked into it). There's an anti-virus program and a spam defender. I have a computer that's over five years old and the repairman says it's so slow because there's not enough memory and no room to support more. I am looking at either a Desktop or a laptop (just for ease of moving it around) but I mainly want to get something that can hold enough memory for my various projects.
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Effitswes : Almost every Laptop nowadays can handle that kind of power if you spend over $200/150€ on it.
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srfecti644 : On a new computer you should have at least 4 GB of RAM. This will be adequate for what you are doing. You want at least 500 GB of hard-drive space. Laptops are aggravating me these days because they don't have hard drive doors anymore. This makes the laptop more expensive to service if the hard drive needs to be replaced. A desktop computer in a mid-sized tower case is them most serviceable computer you can buy off the self. I do not recommend buying an all-in-one system. All-in-one systems don't have a separate tower. The CPU is in the same case as the monitor. They are a pain in the neck to service.

Has your computer worked faster in the past? Did the technician check it for spyware/viruses/and malware? What model is it?
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Linafgk7 : Go for a laptop with 2gb ram or 4 gb ram and 500 gb hdd and i3 processor with 1 gb graphic memory and try to either get 6 lithium cell or 9 lithium cell battery for better backup.
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Artedeendulse : I have the program written, when i put 3 numbers in that give me 2 real solutions it shows up, but when i put 3 numbers that are to give me 1 or no real solution it does not show up.
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whetribather : Evaluate the discriminant.
For an 2nd degree poly equation in the form
mx^2 nx o = 0
The discriminant is given by
( (m * m) - (4)(m)(o) ) ^ (1 / 2).
If the expression is undefined in the real number set then the equation has no solutions.
If the expression evaluates to zero then there is a single solution; a double root. If the expression evaluates to a nonzero positive, then there are two non-equivalent roots.

What part of the programming are you having an issue with?
Do you know how to parse the equation given to you, or are you unaware of how to actually calculate this in code?
Use stepwise refinement. If you still have an issue, edit this question with your specific issue.
I will not do your homework for you. If you have a problem, however, I will be happy to help. That's why I'm on this site.
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