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Rinopoittanny : i want to buy something for 55$ can i add two prepaid cards?

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victoriajannyQ : Do empolyers more care about the particular language that a programme is written in or the job of that programme is more important for them?
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Anne_7 : computer program work faster on windows 8 than it would on windows 6. computer program work faster on windows 8 than it would on windows 6
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gooeeix : Not really, it depends on the computers' specifications and not the Operation System (OS).
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zakladykliczko : That really depends on the hardware of the two PCs. If they are the same hardware, that depends too on what that hardware is. Vista and 8 are very different and require different hardware specs.
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seaggetroks : And don't tell me I do, because I know I don't. I've looked. I'm a Macbook Pro with retina user looking to install mods. I don't have a minecraft.jar folder - in fact, I don't have ANY folders with a .jar extension. Only single files have a .jar extension, and I'm pretty sure I can't open those with an archive program, or extract anything into them for that matter. Would anyone care to explain?
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likelucyru : maybe damage in someway. if so take it to the pc place to have it worked on
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renceAnefly : document.write()=writeln()

then what is javascript's readln command
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