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dyelommaccelp : What is it with companies pushing easy credit? Do they want to enslave us? It's all smiles and friendliness when you're signing the agreement and swiping your credit card, but when the bills come due, you see how evil they really are! It's just a more polite form of the Mafia - they don't break your legs, but they might make you wish they would break your legs and just get it over with!

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poolppaz : Willful enslavement. If you're dumb enough to sign a credit card agreement without reading and understanding the terms; then perhaps you deserve the interest rate you're getting.

Slaves couldn't make a budget and get out of their predicament, though. You can.
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gestundurgire : 57% of Americans pay their credit cards in full each month.
They never pay interest and develop great credit.
Please don't think that ALL those that pay on credit are slaves.
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agobeTaulge : Do they have a credit card for dummies book? If sio get and read it as you haven't a clue. NO ONE puts a gun to your head and says sign up and use or die.

As an aside if my credit credit card interest went to 50% tomorrow it would never impact me or most people as we never pay a dime of interest and get money back from the CC companies so do some research before showing your complete ignorance of the subject next time you want to spout off.
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pletcherppg : I'm not that logical and I'm not perfect at math, but I can get better at math for Computer Science!
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plotolacy : As a designer, yes, logical thinking is important - as a coder, no - you'll be implementing somebody elses design
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abassykax : I have a Dell desktop studio. I've had this since '09. I have always put my computer in sleep mode for when I'm not using it for a period of time. Just sometime two weeks ago I began noticing my computer would be off. When I go to turn it on it has a notice stating my computer wasn't shut down properly. I couldn't understand why this kept happening so I did a virus scan. I had about 41 malicious malware programs on my computer. I got rid of that but my computer was still shutting down after being idle for so long. I then searched around and came across something about the BIOS. Mine was on S3-something. So I changed it to S1-something. At first my computer wouldn't sleep. But now it does so I put it back on that S3 option but it wouldn't sleep and I tested it out by hitting the 'start' 'shut down' and then 'sleep' and it again shut my computer down again. So I have it on S1 and I have to manually put it to sleep because going into my control & power options is no longer working. Anyway, my computer will sleep but the fan is still going. It's never done this and I can't figure out what else to do. It's Windows Vista Premium Home Edition.

Before anybody state the obvious: I know about the Control Panel and Power options, it's not working. I don't know why it's now shutting down my whole computer when I have it set for S3.

In all of the three computers I've had in my entire life NONE have never overheated. I don't have any viruses and my computer was doing it's normal even when I had the viruses.

I remembered this started occurring after the most recent update which was 9-13-13. Could that be the reason because I can't think of anything else.
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Vorsanaffow : 1.) its an old computer
2.) the processor needs to be cooled down, so the fan runs until it is.
3.) download malware for free or buy mcafee security protection. you are affecting everybodys computer dude.
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Quewduetsaw : Hello. I'm trying to render a Debugmode Wax file, and I am receiving the following message at 0%:

Closing all open plugin windows...Done
Creating file C:\Users\Eleven\Pictures\Webcam\Spanish1\Spanish2

Unable to create file!
** Some compressors require the video frame size to be a multiple of 4.
** Try changing your output frame width and height to multiple of 4 pixels and render.

Rendering over.

My output frame width and height are both divisible by four.
All of my AVI files are named with the suffix .avi.
I have tried rendering with only video, and it has not worked.

Other details about the project: It's huge. 11 tracks, and I can't possibly reduce it. Around half of the tracks are Quick3d split screens. This has taken me many hours to edit, and I am quite pressed for time; I cannot redo with another program.

If you have any suggestions at all, please tell me.
Thank you.
I have just tried saving to my videos library, instead of pictures, (yeah, I know) and I am still having the problem.
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tireargueme : I have developed an application using Visual basic 2010 and it needs to connect to an Office 2013 database which I have created. I have tried everything but it only connects to the database when running in the VB development environment. However, when I publish the project, no connection occurs. Also, when I make changes to the data in the database when testing the project, no changes are reflected on the original database in access.
What could be the problem. I have used a connection string by the way.
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