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wanb4669 : I was just approved for a credit card. And I've skated by in life without having to ever have one...Some how. I never believed in spending money that I didn't have up front. But...times change. So now I need to understand all of this.

I have a five-hundred dollar limit on this card, What does that mean?
I understand the interest.
But say I purchase something that is 100 dollars? Do I have to pay that full hundred off in one month?
Or can I stretch it out, to make life easier on me?
How long will it take me to build sufficient credit, so I can get a new car? Without getting screwed.
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CobyStoll : It means you can put up to $500 on your credit card. Although maxing out your credit card is actually bad on your credit score.You want to keep it at about $250. If you put $100 on your card, you do not have to pay it off in a month, although you will incrue interest if you don't. (The interest will not be that much with that small of a credit line) Make sure that you pay at least your minimum payment EVERY month and on time!! The credit card company will tell you what your minimum payment is when you set up your card. It will prob be somewhere around $18-25 a month. As far as how long will it take to build credit? It can take a very long time! I have been building my credit now for almost 6 years and I still have not reached a 700 score. With my 650 credit score, my last vehicle loan was at 6.9% which is not great... Good luck!
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poenceRaipleKip : congratulations on your first card, please use it wisely. your 500.00 limit means that is the most that can be charged on your card. after you activate your card, call the 8oo customet service no on the back and ask them what your bill closing date is ( write it down) then ask what your due date will be. it will usually be the same each month give or take a couple days. the bill closing date will include all purchases made to the card up to & including that date(purchases made after that date will fall into the following months billing cycle.) the due date is the date your payment is actually due by(there is also a time by read the small print in bill payment section on back of bill).always make sure youe payment will be received there by the due date. you should endeavor to fully pay your bill each month. this not only gives you an excellent credit score, but eliminates all interest charges on the purchases you've made. there will be a minimum charge payment amount on your bill, this is the least amount of $ that can be paid and results in an interest charge on the funds you've used. you should never spend more than 30% of your credit limit to have a decent credit score if you are planning on not payinf in full monthly. knowing your bill closing and due date, can greatly help on the scheduling of your planned purchases, as you can create a little longer payment time if you purchase immediately after your bill closing date. please be cautious and don't overspend. hope this helps
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Liaffobilfeli : - Your $500 limit means you can charge, in total, up to $500.

- Every month, you will get a bill that includes the minimum amount you have to pay. It will be lower than the total amount actually charged, BUT doing this means you'll pay A LOT of interest, and never pay off the card. Also, if your debt-to-credit ratio is too high (over 30%) it starts hurting your credit score. ALWAYS pay more than the required minimum payment.

- I started with a $500 limit as well, several years ago, and within four months I had a credit score over 700 (anything above 650 is considered good, and over 720 is excellent). I did this by charging an amount to the card, paying above the required minimum, then eventually paying the card off. HOWEVER, just because you get a good credit/fico score DOES NOT mean you have good credit, in the sense of qualifying for a loan.

Basically, when you apply for an auto loan, mortgage, etc, they will look to see 1) if you had at least 1 previous loan before, 2) do you have multiple lines of credit -- this means multiple credit cards, 3) do you have LONG credit history (several years), etc.

When I applied for an auto loan, I had a 760 FICO/Credit score, 4 credit cards, and no loan history. I needed a cosigner to qualify for the loan. That was even with me trading in a car that was paid off and worth over $5,000 PLUS about $3000 in cash.
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Sinonseicedge : I'm not that logical and I'm not perfect at math, but I can get better at math for Computer Science!
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RolandoPH : I wouldn't worry about labeling yourself as logical or not yet, and making a career decision on that. If software engineering is what you want to do, just get into it. Background in math certainly helps. The level of math involvement depends a great deal on what type of computer programming you do.
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linddaund : both times they had to do with hp programs like hp support assistant but i didnt have a desktop short cut buttons for them and they just kept poping up there by themselves while i was away from my computer. i have avg anti virus so i dont have any viruses that i know of
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Millipow : What kind/type of Data Storage is used in basic programs/applications?
Basic programs like:
-Decimal to binary to hexadecimal converter
-Windows Update
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swonArodo : RAM is used, but a hard drive could be used if for some reason the calculator needed to save state of the calculations
the Calculator program on a PC would be stored on the hard drive, but in a calculator, it is stored in a ROM
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jajidmeu : i mean i want any user to be able to submit words or sentences so that the website can show them all together, do i need a database? can i simply use a file?

i know html and a bit of php
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