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goodevry8 : I applied for a dental credit card 1yr ago that offered 0 APR for 12 months and after that 26.99%. The initial balance was $2800. The balance before the promotion ended as about $1700 in Dec 2011.

Now I checked my balance to see how they calculate the interest charge, and now my balance is $2,460, which means interest charged is $760... HOW did they come up with this amount??

And if I don't pay full amount, are they going to keep on charging the same interest $760 all over again? Aren't they supposed to divide interest charge by 12months or something? And how can $760 be 26.99% of $1,700???
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byszoctgp : The APR is the annual percentage rate. Under Regulation Z (Reg Z) of the Truth in Lending Act, lenders must disclose the APR when quoting interest rates verbally or in writing. The annual percentage rate is the annual cost of borrowing the money, which includes any costs and fees the borrower pays up-front (such as closing costs on a mortgage) and the interest payments.
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amitiardedo : Since we do not have the agreement, we cannot answer this. Call the card issuer and ask them. But note the following:
Sometimes with 0% offers, interest is charged on the balance at the end of the 0% period from the beginning of the card. In your case, since Dec. 2010.
The interest is compounded daily.
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AspipScieveT : Because you didn't pay off the card in full within the promo period, you owe interest for the entire time, which is from the beginning when the initial balance was $2,800.00

They figured the interest daily, based on the daily balance. When you make payments, your balance fluctuates, so it will be hard for you to figure out how they arrived at $760.00.

You just had a very rude awakening as to how promotions work. They are not good unless you pay off the balance within the 1 year.
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buy neopoints : Hi SAM- My name is Shannon and I am with Suddenlink. You can use the following link, enter your zip code and it will pull up the TV lineup for your area. Thank you!
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UplineonelI : Ok so one of my computers already had Power Pint installed. The other doesnt. Is there a way I can get the program from one computer to the other?
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messkaddy : just use the Microsoft Office online at
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Tevyemalm : No. All you wold get if you copied it over would be the bare program. It would not include the required library files or hundreds of registry entries it requires to run. That is why we need to use program installers and not just copy them to the machine. You need the proper Office install disks.
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Mjonrekemnasuunl : NO !
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