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Smaluemelmisy : why does a credit card application ask the type of work you do?
and how long you have been employed with that employer?

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cannonf : They want to see security and stability.
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Maccullam : to see if u make the money so u can pay the credit card company back on what u spend
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esyez028 : Why does a credit card application ask the type of work you do?

They ask this so that they can be sure that you will be able to pay back the money when it is due. If you are not able to pay back large amounts of money for a long time, your credit card may be taken away since they no longer trust you.

Why do they ask how long you have been employed with that employer?

They ask this because you could be working for that employer for just that time so you could write down a work that makes large amounts of money and later quit that job. If you do that, then you won't be able to pay the money once the money runs out. And just like I said in the answer above, your credit card may be taken away.

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IXRobert : im a trainee web developer and iv just started to look at flat ui

for a project i need an image of a map of the world done in a flat ui style.

could someone tell me where i might find this or how to go about creating it plz.

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Unilkyingewly : Gud luk
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colemiliClipsp : Your best bet would be to take a programming course in college. I don't know of any place that will hire you and then teach you how to program...seems counter-intuitive to me.
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Dave.tupastoggep : Get a computer science degree, work as a co-op during the summer months, or when you need money for school. If you must do a project to graduate, do one that is of great current interest in industry.
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Miztiessy : For now , i'd just keep doing what your doing........ focus on one language it's more about learning the principles and way of thinking than it is to learning the syntax(the language itself).

And to challenge yourself just stick around here.. there's a lot of people posting easy questions.. that they get from their instructor and are to lazy to do. It's really good practice if you just want a task similar to college(and your not paying for it)

You never know(although unlikely) but in the next 4 years C might be obsolete... but the principles will always be relevant.

Oh, and books are a waste of money.... if you get one don't get the most recent version(very little changes) buy the newest .... under 20$ version you'll get a start point with out to much money.... but again YOUTUBE IS FREE(and most youtube videos are made by.... COLLEGE INSTRUCTORS)

here's a good site for starting with, if you're unfamiliar with compilers and stuff.

Final note, youre 14... be a kid :) play games not make games.....
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hiegululnenny : Can a 14-year-olI take a programming course in a company or a college?

There are 2 kinds of companies. First, there are companies like Coca-Cola or McDonald's. They *might* have some in-house classes, but you wouldn't be able to take a class there.

Then there are companies that are in the business of offering classes. Some of those might allow you to enroll, but they might not be near your house.

And some community colleges *might* allow someone your age to take a class. You'd have to call or e-mail and ask.

You can hire a private tutor.
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