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Kicoblilm : ok so I don't have like supper awesome credit I'm a new person to it but I have a secured card but i really wanted a charge card so I am forced to pay in full each month =+D Well tonight I went to credit and filled out the credit match thing when it pulled up my approvals or approvals it listed the American Express® Premier Rewards Gold Card which i would love to have. My trans union score was 611 the last i looked and that's been almost 1 month. I really want a charge card so bad!!!! Also i have a lot of inquires but I stopped for the past 3 months and don't plan on adding anymore uness i know i will get approved!

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GuttwersBeefs : I have 2 years of experience as developer. I want to get a Microsoft certification based on my experience. I am confused between MCSD and MCSE. Please guide. Also if you know any websites to get free dumps and discussions, please share
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victoriajannyQ : Do empolyers more care about the particular language that a programme is written in or the job of that programme is more important for them?
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graiccabs : I have ideas for apps i want to make but i don't know where to start. what programs can i use to make apps that wouldn't be too expensive

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Jessica59 : Name at least 6 possible causes for the following problems

Unable to join computer to the domain
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