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JetWonnaroalt : Hello, I currently have bad credit (500s)
I currently have about 1700 in CC debt (2 cards, 4500 total credit available).
I currently have about 1000 in my savings and another 1000 coming in a few days (from work) should i use those 2000 to completely wipe out my CC debt ? which would in turn pretty much leave me with nothing shall an emergency arise until at least another 2 weeks....or should i keep making a lil more than min payment on each card but simultaneously build up my savings ?
plz help its not as simple as it looks if i completely wipe out my CC debt using my savings i will barely have enough for food for the next 2 weeks and no savings watsoever.

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Estatafarie : Pay off your debt. If an emergency should arise, you can use your paid off credit card.

By keeping your credit card debt, you're going to pay big interest fees. Don't do that. Pay it off completely. Plus that will in turn improve your credit score.. Hey, two birds, one stone.
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camarok : Write down the amount you need for necessities, and then, if you have enough, pay half of each credit card bill. That way you still have money to live, but you are also halfway paid off in your credit cards. :)
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Agreerwer : I am betting the interest on those cards is at least 25% with bad credit so if you pay that off you are earning 25% on your money unlike a bank paying you what 1% if lucky. Pay the debt or save back 200 for food and just live frugally until payday.

IF the a ccounts are still open and usable then do not close thme but do not use them except in an absolute emergency. Your cell phone bill would not be an emergency, a flat tire MIGHT be.

Good luck on your decision.
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neothnedCor : Pay off the debt half the debt now, and half the debt when you next get paid. That will let you wipe out the debt in a timely manner, but still leave you money for necessities (even if you're on a tighter than normal budget).

Then, with no balance on the card, you a) stop accumulating interest charges, and b) can use the credit card in an emergency.
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kranbalke : Regardless of how bad debt is, having an emergency savings fund takes priority over paying down debt. You don't want $0 in the bank. You don't want to end up starving and homeless.
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tramerstendss : Why does it have to be all or nothing? Keep the emergency fund, or at least part of it, and use the other $1000 to pay the highest interest rate credit card. Then when you get your next paycheck, use as much as you can to pay off the balance of the credit card debt.

The interest rate you pay on those credit cards is a lot more than the interest rate your are getting on your savings account. Paying off the credit cards should be your priority. But it doesn't mean you have to use all your funds to pay the cards and not handle your basic living expenses. If you don't have enough cash to pay the credit cards in full, pay as much as you can.

Paying a little more than the minimum will STILL take a long time to pay off the credit cards and will STILL cost a lot in interest.
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aoioktoy : I'm making a c++ program where you have to guess the number the computer randomly guess.

I've got the basics done, but I don't know how to include a restriction where you are only allowed to guess 5 times.

This is my code?

using namespace std;

int main()
int number; // The correct number
int guess; // The user's guess
bool correct = false; // If the user has correctly guessed the number
int numGuesses; // The number of times the user has guessed

// Seed the random generator.
srand(static_cast<int> (time(NULL)));

// Generate a random number between 1 and 100.
number = (rand() % 100) + 1;

// Start modifying program here

// This is the loop from the original program, where the user is allowed
// an unlimited number of guesses.
// Change this while loop to only allow 5 guesses.
cout << "guess the number the computer randomly picked between 1 - 100: ";
cin >> guess;

// Check if the user has guessed the correct number.
// If not, tell him if his guess is too low or too high
if(number > guess)
cout << "sorry, your guess is too low" << endl;
else if(number < guess)
cout << "sorry, your guess is too high" << endl;
cout << "you guessed right, you win!" << endl;

// Update the looping condition so the program will exit the loop
correct = true;

// End of program modifications


return 0;

ok so I'm supposed to use int numGuesses; for only allowing the user try and guess the number in 5 tries but I don't know how to do that.

Also, if you guess correctly it should output "Congratulations you guessed correctly."
or after running out of tries it should say "Sorry, you lost."

Can anybody help please? I'm stuck as to how to code that.
Thanks in advance.
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MornOccaranog : - Initialize numGuesses to 0. (In fact, you should initialize variables even if you know they'll be written before using, otherwise place them nearer when they sould be used)

- At the end of the while statement (after the if-else chain), add this..
// code
if (numGuesses > 5) {
cout << "Sorry, you lost." << endl;
// end code
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Spummakem : I have old windows7 pc and trying to buy new one. I don't know if it is possible to transfer all the application software's such as Microsoft office, Photoshop, expression web, etc. all those licensed programs which needs product key or serial number to download in PC. If it is possible, how can I transfer them all?
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