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booriiss : I turned 18 recently and all I ever hear is how bad credit cards can be for you. The last thing I want to do is ruin my credit. I have a stable job at a family owned business and i could definitely afford payments. I'm about to move out and I'd like to get an amazon card to get some things for my apartment, but I'm scared that i might get screwed over somehow. Is there any reason somebody like me shouldn't get the card? I feel comfortable with it, and I've read all the fine print on the application but I just don't want to make a mistake because I'm so new to the whole credit card thing.

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ClivaCinE : Credit cards only ruin your credit if you don't use them responsibly.

At 18, you probably don't have any credit to ruin to begin with... which makes responsible use of a credit card (i.e. never charging more than you can afford to pay off every month... AND actually paying it off every month, in full) a good way to start *building* your credit.
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hbbkjeqy : If you do get a credit card, don't use it for big items right away. Charge only the amount that you will comfortably pay off in full when you get the statement.

Use cash for the other items you need for your new place.

Amazon cards are good cards. They are issued by Chase.
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tireargueme : i want to install a new browser and a different anti-virus program. would like to keep things as simple as possible.
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MymnIntatte : yes you can. If you want to change you anti-virus you can do it. hence the same for browser or any software. but its better to keep on good anti virus software running to protect your system from mall wares.
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Lernneush : with your a/v program , use the product removal supplied by the maker avg has one like avast norton and the reset
as for your browser just use revo uninstaller ( it gets every thing ) once loaded open it and right click the one you want to uninstall - use advanced tab at bottom and follow the prompts
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pletcherppg : I'm not that logical and I'm not perfect at math, but I can get better at math for Computer Science!
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plotolacy : As a designer, yes, logical thinking is important - as a coder, no - you'll be implementing somebody elses design
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maxussynk : Using functional decomposition, design and write a C++ program that inputs a series of 24 hourly temperatures
from a file, and you will create your own input data file with necessary data for your test cases. You will output
a bar chart (using stars) of the temperatures for the day. The temperature should be printed to the left of the
corresponding bar, and there should be a heading that gives the scale of the chart. The range of temperatures
should be from –30 to 120. Because it is hard to display 150 characters on the screen, you should have each star
represent a range of 3 degrees. That way, the bars will be at most 50 characters wide. Here is a partial
example, showing the heading, the output for a negative temperature, and the output for various positive
temperatures. Note how the temperatures are rounded to the appropriate of stars.
Temperatures for 24 hours:
-10 0 10 20 30
-20 *******?
0 ?
2 ?*
5 ?**
10 ?***
20 ?*******
30 ?**********
[ Notes ]
1) While the program specified 24 input temperatures, your program should work regardless of
how many data in the input file.
2) You will need to write the output to the screen and also to an output file.

Here is what i have so far now

#include <iostream>
#include <cmath>
#include <string>
#include <iomanip>
#include <fstream>
using namespace std;
int display();
void openFile (ifstream &);
int main(){
ifstream inFile;
int temp;
int i;

int display();


int display()
ifstream inFile;
int temp;
int i;
cout <<"Temperatures for 24 hours"<<endl<<endl;
for(int i= -10; i<30;i+=10){

cout<<" ";


cout << endl;// This make a new line. Comment it out too see what happens
// When you comment it out, your stuff is posted right after the 10

while(inFile >> temp){

while(temp <-30 || temp >120);

//once we have the temperature between -30 to 120 range, we need to do some logic to draw the stars and bar
//look at example at see how they explained it

if (temp ==0 || temp ==1 || temp==2){
cout<< "|"<<endl;

else if (temp >=3){
//for the numbers from 3 to 120
//NUMBER OF STAR = floor((temp+1)/3)
int number_of_star =floor(static_cast<float>((temp+1)/3));
string print="|";
for(int i =0; i < number_of_star; i++){


else if(temp <=-1){
//for the number from -30 to -1
//NUMBER OF STAR = ceil((temp-2)/3))

float x = (temp-2)/3;
int number_of_star = ceil(x);
number_of_star *=-1;

string print="";
for(int i=0; i < number_of_star; i++){
print +="|";



void openFile (ifstream &)
ifstream inFile;"C:\\Dev-Cpp\\temperatures.txt");
if (!inFile) {
cout << "Unable to open file";

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Pawwrercesata : I have a laptop pc. It's a couple of years old (a HP pavilion g series). I use it a lot, but I only go to several websites which have always been fairly safe. Lately, some of the programs and web browser have been a little glitchy-they'll freeze up, shut off, or restart suddenly. When I'm browsing the web, I often get a popup saying that the internet page has stopped working and it must be rebooted (which isn't too bad because it'll quickly reacquire my page). However, sometimes it freezes completely and I have to reboot the computer, and sometimes I can't recover my tabs, so it's a pain.

I suspect that I might have to defrag my computer, something that I heard helps with this sort of thing and helps get rid of viruses. However, I don't know how to do that, or even if doing that will help my specific problem

I would appreciate any advice. Thank you.
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