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DavidVH : I had financial troubles due to being unemployed a long period, before I moved to Texas. My debts and defaults on the debts occured in another state, than where I reside now.
Now a third party bill collector is suing me; even though I havent been served yet. I found this out from letters I got from lawyers offering to represent me in court for the case.

It seems this debt collector trying to collect on a Capital One account; they name Capital One as the Plaintiff, when they’ve actually not Capital one or been hired as a third party, because it states "written off" on my bad credit report. My credit report states that account is "written off".
Is it legal to use the Capital One name if it is not a Capital One hired attorney?

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gusladdnet : Yes it is. This firm has purchased the debt in a bundle from many credit sources for a small amount on the dollar and they get the profit by hounding you to pay it all to them. They use the original creditor name as a means of intimidating you into paying a debt which is already written off by the original debtor. They will ask you if you owe blank amount on blank account to Capitol One and then try to get you to agree to pay on it. Banking laws and tax laws allow the original debt owner to write off the amount above what they got from the new collector so you are correct that you do not owe anything to Capital one any more. Write to the new collector and tell them not to contact you in any way any more. I think they can still send letters but they will not be able to call or e-mail you or any relatives or employers.
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bumambiffs : You are making assumptions. CapOne wrote off the account as bad debt, but that does not mean they sold the debt to a third party collection agency. CapOne is very aggressive about collecting defaulted accounts and has their own in-house collection dept. They are known to sue even for relatively small amounts

it is very likely that CapOne hired a local ageny/lawyer to sue you. If the summons list CapOne as plaintiff, then this is likely the case. You won't be able to use this as a loophole to get out of paying.

NOTE: you probably want to ignore all the "advice" provided by upchu -whatever. They've taken a little from here and a little from there and created some really bad info. People who really don't have a clue only muddy up the water with such info.
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camarok : A while back I downloaded a program from CNET.
I had good luck with them in the past but I got all sorts of garbage with the program and my browsers were hijacked and modified. Took a lot of time to fix the mess.
I called them and they kindly explained that I must have let some 'optional' programs through and that I could decline them, if I so chose.

Yesterday I downloaded a video editor from CNET and as carefully as I could I 'declined' the add-ons.
Well, I got a b--t load of crap anyway.
Hijacked my browsers - changed homepages - added toolbsrs, etc.!
Parts of the mess were difficult to uninstall and even after uninstalling everything I could find I still have some strange search engine trying to insinuate itself.
Oh, and after uninstalling without getting rid of all the mess I went ahead and did 'restore wystem' back to a good state from last week.
Even after that the 'new' search engine lingers
Firefox stopped working and I had to re-install.

I'm inclined to think that CNET is no longer to be trusted.
What do you think?
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Sanyenlaple : I don't trust CNET any more.When downloading an anti-spyware program from that site, my computer contracted a virus that was difficult to remove.
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faitmellurfam : you are correct they will give you adware -malware and spyware with your downloads .
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Sinonseicedge : I'm not that logical and I'm not perfect at math, but I can get better at math for Computer Science!
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RolandoPH : I wouldn't worry about labeling yourself as logical or not yet, and making a career decision on that. If software engineering is what you want to do, just get into it. Background in math certainly helps. The level of math involvement depends a great deal on what type of computer programming you do.
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likelucyru : I'm really confused and not sure how to write this programming code. Does anyone know how to properly write this programming code? Thanks

Develop a C# console application that computes the hypotenuse of a right triangle. The computation of the hypotenuse of a right triangle is based on the Pythagorean Theorem: c2 = a2 + b2 and the hypotenuse, c ("long side") of the triangle can be computed with the formula the hypotenuse is equal to the square root of the side a squared plus side b squared.
The application should take as many side pairs inputs as the user desires and calculate each until the user enters a zero for both side one and side two (sentinel loop). You should use at least two (2) Math class methods.

The output should look something like this:
enter length of first side: 3

enter length of second side: 4

The hypotenuse is 5

enter length of first side: 3.44

enter length of second side: 4.88

The hypotenuse is 5.97059461025449

enter length of first side: 10.55

enter length of second side: 33.0

The hypotenuse is 34.6453820876607

enter length of first side: 0

enter length of second side: 0

Press any key to continue . . .

Note in the first example with the entries of 3 and 4 that the hypotenuse is computed as 5. If you are not getting that answer (The hypotenuse is 5) with entries of 3 and 4 respectively, then you are not taking the inputs and converting them correctly. Remember that a ReadLine brings in characters but there are differences in how the conversion methods for character and string values work. There is another way to convert a string number input to a numeric value type. You may have to do some research to come up with the right conversion method. Also note that type double values are used.
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incerpibe : Hey everyone, I own a Lenovo X100e model notebook and last year it started to overheat, but it only overheated when i played games on it . I dont anymore because it lags too much. Anyway, i noticed it began getting very hot towards the end of last year when i was working on it so i bought a cooling pad for it. It was working well until recently, it doesnt seem to be making much difference. Now, if im searching the web, maybe have a word document open and a pdf textbook open, it can overheat and shut down. Yesterday it shut down 3 times and i even had a desk fan cooling it as well. My cpu is running pretty high and the laptop is beginning to get super slow. Its really annoying.Even when i watch videos on youtube, it gets hot and just shuts dowm. It's happening rather frequently and is really bugging me.
What can I do to stop this from happening? What can I do to stop the CPU from running so high and what can i do to stop it being so slow and overheat...especially when I watch videos? I think it may be nearing the end of its life, ive had it since mid 2010. I need it to last until next year though because next year I will be getting a new laptop (a macbook pro perhaps). I'm just scared that at this rate it wont last much longer.
I haven't clogged it up with rubbish or anything, just some songs, some videos, word documents and some pictures, nothing extreme.
It's just super annoying when Im doing something and it just turns off. Like yesterday i was studying for a maths test using the textbook on my laptop and i had the internet on as well and it just shut down..EVEN with a cooling pad and a desk fan helping it cool down. I felt underneath and it was quite hot, but it wasnt burning hot like it can sometimes get.
What can I do to stop this from happening so frequently? Im scared that its gonna end up melting or damaging the inside of the laptop. Are there things I should delete off it? Is there anything I can do that can stop it from being slow and stop the CPU maxing out? I have this CPU meter gadget on my desktop and most of the time its running quite high, right now all Im doing is typing up this question and the CPU is hanging around 50%-70%, most of the time its like 70-100% even though im not running tons of programs, maybe 1 or 2.
I wanna try and avoid wiping the whole computer and starting fresh, but is there anything I can do to stop the damn thing from constantly overheating and how can i stop this CPU from running so high all the time?
If this makes any difference, I actually plug my laptop into my computer monitor and just use a wireless keyboard and mouse with the monitor and close the laptop lid ( i set the laptop to "do nothing" when i close the lid in the battery settings thing).
Anyway thanks for any advice you guys can give me because this problem is really annoying me.
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