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yangxh63o : How good is a credit score of 743 (FICO) for a 24 year old?

How bad is a 18% APR for a credit card for a 24 year old?

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knbcdzz802 : 743 is good, not excellent, but good.

18% APR is pretty standard. But you should avoid paying interest by paying off your credit card balances in full each month.
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swmssozshjgp : A 743 true FICO is a very good score that will garner you the best interest rate at most locations. For example this is considered a Tier 1 credit score when getting an auto loan.

18% is OK, however you should definitely shop around. There are many options out there for someone with both good credit and income. You should be able to find a card out there with a 10-12% rate (non-promotional).

The most important thing however, is to covet your credit score, make sure you don't bite off more than you can chew, pay your bills on time and don't keep opening new account after new account (especially beware of the Target, Best Buy, Kohls and other retailer cards).

Good job and keep it up.
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Feacleveclili : Hi, I'm wanting to get a new video program while I'm in the saving process for Premiere. I'm looking for something that gives me a 30 day full trial without restrictions on what I save or really annoying watermarks. If I'm going to spend money on a video editing program I want to be able to try out the features and make it can actually do what I need.

I work in the Digital Media field so I need a professional level editing program so no Windows Movie Maker or anything like that.
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LixZipLiemy : use windows movie maker instead.
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lucestar : Try:

Lightworks or VSDC Video Editor.

Free and permanent - with NO watermark.
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bhzmkxkljdul : what hd channel for channel 125 goltv on suddenlink cable. what hd channel for channel 125 goltv on suddenlink cable
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buy neopoints : Hi SAM- My name is Shannon and I am with Suddenlink. You can use the following link, enter your zip code and it will pull up the TV lineup for your area. Thank you!
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yangxh63o : im making a fake prank virus to mess with my family i have a mac and knowledge of applescript editor, javascript, and terminal if you know how can u paste the code in the answer along with what type of code it is. THANKS :)
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Appaplyimmisy : This was one of the first popular virus' conceived in the early 80's. I've heard it called a rabbit virus because of the way they replicate. This was so long ago, and computer security has come so far since then, that I strongly doubt such a virus would be programmable "as a joke" these days. However, if one was so inclined, you could start your research there.
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