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AZAdrion : ok so i got this list of credit numbs because i was bored and i tried one and it automatically worked
omg i am not joking what happens if i buy somthing any answers ?

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MotGymnloyano : theyll definately track you and take you to
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FriendCooper : What do you mean, you "tried it and it automatically worked"? Did you actually place an order and receive some merchandise? No? Didn't think so.

In order to actually use a credit card, you need to have the credit card number AND the expiration date AND the billing address associated with that card AND quite often the security code from the back as well.

It's easy to make up a 16-digit number that could actually be a real credit card number. That doesn't mean you have enough information to buy anything.
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csJeanteenolley : The detectives from your local police department knock on your door and then arrest you.

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Dwexotocreace : If you buy something then you'll be busted for sure if you get tracked down.
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Diartylarly : OMG, what goes around comes around OMG
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sursinkivarah : You are a true dumbasss. How did you try the number and was your order confirmed? Hell no, you do not have enough info to use the number. Like OMG you are also a dumbass TROLL!
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camarok : That would be fraud and theft. If it's over a certain amount, depending on where you live, it's a felony with automatic jail time. If you actually got something, you should return it and destroy the list.

Bored is not a good reason to go to prison.
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csyez013 : i can generate random numbers beween 1 to 1000 with coin toss by visual basic(6) programming. i can generate random numbers beween 1 to 1000 with coin toss by visual basic(6) programming
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KAKELOODA : randomValue = CInt(Math.Floor((upperbound - lowerbound + 1) * Rnd())) + lowerbound
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