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artethybesy : I can't pay my creditors as I'm on disability (not Social Security) and I can't probably even pay my mortgage. I can't pay my creditors at all, until I get a job, which I hope to be within the next few months, once I'm off disability. I owe money to five creditors. How often will they call me each day? I could change my phone number, but then that is a hassle. I have a cell phone and a regular phone. My guess is that each creditor will call me up to five times a day, even if I answer my phone and talk to them? I have bipolar, anxiety & depression, so I'm sure this will aggravate me horribly. My voicemail box will wind up being full all of the time and I will have to keep my phones on silence. My friends won't be able to get hold of me then. If I call my creditors and tell them that I can't pay my bills for now, will they still call me all day? I can go through credit counseling, but still, I can't even pay anything to my creditors unless I decide not to pay my mortgage, and even then, I may not be able to pay my mortgage. Thx.

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Cleascacy : It depends on whether it is the original creditor or a third party collection agency. The collection agencies have to abide by the FDCPA. It also depends on whether or not they are speaking to you. If they are just leaving messages, they can call all day long. They are just trying to catch you at home. If you actually speak to the collector, they can't call back again that day.
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reeksorneycle : The answer is - all the time because you owe them money.

I've dealt with many clients in this situation and the solution is DO NOT JUST IGNORE IT. Instead try to come to some sort of arrangement with them - they are obligated to be understanding and accommodating.

For example - let's say you owe $100 a month on a credit card. When they call say to them you are struggling to pay but you can afford $5 a month for a while. You may be surprised that they might take you up on the offer.

The worst thing you can do is just put your head in the sand and hope it will go away because it won't.

I hope I don't have to tell you that you should ALWAYS PAY YOUR MORTGAGE. Let the credit card companies burn but if you don't pay your mortgage they WILL come and turf you out on the street. The credit card companies can't do anything except take you to court and then the judge will likely just rule that you have to pay $5 a month or so.
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Upsennykelp : What do people use to create the one's like are on Etsy? Thanks!
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IXRobert : im a trainee web developer and iv just started to look at flat ui

for a project i need an image of a map of the world done in a flat ui style.

could someone tell me where i might find this or how to go about creating it plz.

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Unilkyingewly : Gud luk
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FriendCharlie : I want to make a game where you explore, text obviously. But, when you press E and hit enter, a inventory pops comes up that are labeled 1-9. Each item will be given a number code, or an item ID. I want to make the program recognize the item ID and display the name of the item in the slot. Can this be done? If so, how?
Obviously I would use variables for the item IDs. For what I want to do require a different language?
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Ubnolermep : This would be a function inside the game itself, not a separate program or batch script.

If you're doing a text-adventure type game, you can download tons of source code written in Basic, C or other languages, that implement these types of games.
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baofu125 : in compiler-programs we write the codes and the Run it then we'll see what the output is. and finally we can create an EXE program from the same compiler.

but, assembly is really different. there is no compiler. it's just an Assembler like NASM. which is very papular.

i heard they use Assembly language to create a Kernel or something like that...
but NOT for creating programs. because i see no output there! how will a program be even generated from that Assembler?!

Please tell me about assembly language. i've already taken a look at some Assembly codes.
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