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Savannah_Hawaii : I don't even go to the gym anymore, they won't let me cancel it online and I've been busy and haven't been able to go there. Will my gym be able to access my new card? I lost my old one. Phew, good thing this doesn't affect my credit.

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esyez021 : If your new card will have new numbers than the answer is NO, however if the old one is restored then I would ask the bank about it, if they will say that the gym will be able to access the card then you should just find some free time and go to the gym to cancel your program, better safe than sorry :)
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jqd2827r : I forgot my windows 7 password and can't remember it for the life of me.

Is there any way to reset or reveal my windows 7 password without having to reinstall windows 7?

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jeuxgratuitsfmfd : u can have it from keyboard
but I don't know that method.
ask someone else
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Pydayslappy : If you can get Live Os DVD of Backtrack you can login in to windows...
(Backtrack is a Linux based operating system specially used for hacking. I can hack any windows pc using it........)
I can tell you the full procedure if you have that DVD......
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eraractiorO : quite easily in most cases, first try pressing ctrl+alt+del twice at login to show the oldschool retro log-in box and try to log is as 'Administrator' (without the quotes, no password). If that works you can remove of change your password from control panel.

If that doesn't work, you can try to either remove the password, or discover it.


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Allegedig : Use WINTERNAL LIVE CD.. it can break admin password
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FriendAbigail : Check out Password Resetter, it's a program that allows you to reset your Windows 7 password without having to reinstall anything!

All you do is burn a disc or load up a USB key with their software, and load it on booting up your PC. It will run automatically and allow you to login to Windows 7 by resetting your password!

To check it out, visit:

Works like a charm, good luck!
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movealietle : I want to keep track of my client's information.

What would I incorporate in my website?





Question 2

I have added a "Contact Form" to my website.

This is used for the collection to be included in

business contacts




Question 3 )

Storage Super center can have their website made for mobile devices.


Question 4

The Dino Dog Food website could not be housed in their office, since they do not have a server.


Question 5

Minka can view her company's website on her tablet.


Question 6

French Fry Haven wanted to create a blog for their website. However, they did not have a web designer so they could not have this feature.


Question 7

All websites can be viewed on mobile devices.


Question 8

Jodi's Boutique sells online clothing to consumers.

This website is an example of





Question 9

Paul decides to build a website and wants to have a shopping cart feature.

This is an example of

business to business commerce


internet commerce


Question 10

Elizabeth uses an application that allows her to create a website by linking together objects such as text, graphics, and other media.

What type of application is she using?

Authenticity tool

Authoring tool

The Cloud

Source Cloud

Website Creator

Question 11

John developed code with Maysha on a book club website that is free to the community, where other users can contribute ideas.

This would be an example of an

application source

operating system

open source


Question 12

Andy wants to add a script on his website that will automatically update the current date when the script loads in the browser.

This is an example of


client-side script


server-side script

Question 13

City Cars wanted to validate their web design code.

What should they use?

An application

Internet service provider

Server-side scripting language

Web developer
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Anaedbamn : I keep getting a syntax error on the (,) or comma in this line please help!
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