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bioriaseina : credit card I guess she had forgot about it she owed 800 dollars and the court paper is suing her for 2050.00 is this legal or ? Does anyone have any advice on what she should do . The court paper says she will be in default if she doesn't show up for court.
Thanks for any advice
Thanks for your answer i found out that she made a last payment of 50.00 on that acct. on 4/2008

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MegaProfitdade : Find out if the debt time from her last payment is older then the statute of limitations if it is respond to the court that the debt is too old to legally be collected. I could sue you for a debt 50 years old and if you failed to go to court or invoke SOL the court would award me my claim. You must be proactive. Now since she she is old, if her only source of income is SS even if they win a judgment she cannot be forced to pay if her bank account is labeled SS deposit only. If she has any other income that can be levied
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reeryhortaria : Ok, first things first. She needs to make sure that it's a real summons. Some collectors will send documents that look like a summons in an attempt to scare someone into paying.

Look on the paperwork, and find out what court the suit is filed in. Then, look up that court's phone number (don't use the number on the paperwork, look it up online). Contact the court and ask them if the case has been filed, and get the information from them (court date, and whatever other information they have).

They should also be able to let you know how long she has to respond to the summons. She needs to file a response. Her response simply is her side of the story, a short as possible. If she doesn't file an answer to the suit, the collector could get a default judgement.

Next, she needs to go to court on the court date. Don't worry, it's not going to be like Law and Order or something. It's simply going to be a room with the judge and the collector. The collectors will explain to the judge why they think she should have to pay them $2,050. She then needs to explain why she can't pay that right now. Bring whatever documentation she can showing her income and her expenses. Show the judge that she only makes $XXX.xx per month, and her rent/house costs $XXX.xx per month, she spends $xxx.xx per month on utilities, and $xxx.xx per month on food. That leaves her with $xxx.xx.

The judge will likely then order her to make payments of a certain amount each month until the debt is settled.
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JanoNease : I have two text files. Each text file (Text File A and Text File B) contains a large number of usernames. One username is on each line. I've alphabetized all the entries. Some entries do appear multiple times in each file.

I want to print all the entries from Text File A that are on Text File B. IOne clarification: if entry "pig" appears 5 times in Text File A and 3 times in Text File B, I would like to print "pig" 5 times.

1) Is there any program/web site that you know of that will allow me to do this easily?

2) If there isn't, please give me some general guidance (2-3 sentences) on how to go about doing this. I am much more experienced than an amateur programmer, so just a little nudge in the right direction would work.

If 1) is yes, no need to answer 2)
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eradywopperse : Since both files are sorted, you just have read a name from A and then read B until the name matches or is greater than NameA. And then just continue through the files in the same manner.
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guarrisleliog : So i went on my board yesterday and i noticed that all that was showing up was the background image. I checked again today and still the same thing. I've had others check the board and there getting the same thing i am. I wrote support ticket and there not being all that helpful. This is really problematic for me since all that can be seen is the background image.

here's the link to my board so you can see what I'm talking about

does anyone have any suggestions on what to do to fix this?
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engepleteks : public static int secret(int x)
int i, j;
i = 2 * x;
if (i > 10)
j = x / 2;

j = x / 3;
return j - 1;

public static int another(int a, int b)
int j;
j = 0;
for (int i = a; i <= b; i++)
j = j + i;
return j;

What is the output of each of the following program segments?

x = 10;

x = 5; y = 8;
System.out.println(another(x, y));

x = 10; k = secret(x);
System.out.println(x + " " + k + " " + another(x, k));

x = 5; y = 8;
System.out.println(another(y, x));

2. Consider the following method:

public static int secret(int one)
int prod = 1;
for (int i = 1; i <= 3; i++)
prod = prod * one;
return prod;

What is the output of the following Java statements?
i. System.out.println(secret(5));
ii. System.out.println(2 * secret(6));

What does the method secret do?
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tredtieda : You have a variable x. If you say x = 10, then x is the equivalent of 10. By sending x as an argument, secret(x), you have another variable which is the equivalent of the variable that is being sent. In other words, x (the variable in secret) = x (the question variable) = 10, therefore x = 10.

i = 2 * x can be thought of i = 2 * 10

So, now you have the if statement. If the condition in the brackets is met, then the code under it will execute. If else (otherwise), the code under "else" will execute. Lastly, take note that j = x/2. x will be 10, and not 20. i = 20 because of the code segment above.

j = 10/2, so what is j equal to? You are dividing x (10) by 2, which will then be the result of that calculation. Lastly, when the method returns j, it is returning j-1. Whatever the calculation of j is will be returned one less than it was calculated to be in the secret method.

The "another" method is doing something similar except 2 variable's values are being sent as arguments. Also, take note that order of variable declaration as parameters will coorespond to being the values of the variables sent as arguments. If x = 5 and y = 8, then a = 5 and y = 8.

Final things to keep in mind: variable = variable * number is the same as variable *= number, which will multiply the variable and number and then have the result stored in the variable.

If x = 5, number = 2

x = x*number;
then the result of x*number will be stored in x and therefore x = 10 now.

This is very basic Java, so it would be a good idea to study up on this. If you understand the basics well, then you can further push your knowledge towards the more difficult stuff later.

Good luck,
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fivefingerslt : Try to prepare a snap shot of your program like the following:
x=10 in main. Now, you are calling secret(x)
..................5 is returned
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Sleedeetmesee : Hey Hey.
So, I just made this RP site and I'm in need of a few partners, someone good with coding and graphics, I mean, I'm pretty okay with graphics, but still.
Also, someone with a lot of good ideas and what-not.
This site is hosted by Jcink and it's a Zombie Apocalyptic-based, rapid-fire RP site. :3
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