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lwilliamb : Where can i get them, i need atleast $50?

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RichardDR : Almost every major bank offers prepaid credit cards where you pay the money to load up the card and give it as a gift. I personally like RBC's prepaid cards that work pretty much like a normal one. Apart from the major banks, Cash Money and Money Mart also offer the cards but they have steep fees and ridiculous monthly charges that eat up the cash you put. So buyer beware.
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Pescuectime : Does anyone know how to disable sound output through a windows computer(runs on win 8) internal speakers so that sound output is limited to the headphone jack(or its fine if headphone jack is also diaabled ... but must be able to switch on all speakers when neccesary)?

Kids are constantly playing loud music in our computer labs (no matter how many times you tell them not to). The only thread that I found on this did not answer the question but rather concluded that you should make it a policy not to listen to music in the labs. While stating the obvious, this is not a technical solution to the problem. First, there are multiple labs and I can't be in all of them at the same time to enforce this, and second, enforcing this policy is tiring and I'd rather not have to deal with it.

is there any way to sort out this a program which can be sent frm one comp to all to mute the speakers ....
will be very helpful :)
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anginaprinzen : Before the format change my Database, Files and Llinks were listed alphabetically when the folder was opened. When I open them now they are listed randomly, mixed alphabetically and I am unable to open any folder without clicking that I want to edit it. I run a class waiting list in the database and I cannot make a change to the list. I do click on the edit icon, click the box/colum I want to add or delete a name from (after I have searched forever to find the right class). I am able to type in a name but when I click on SAVE it does not save the name to the table. I cannot delete an individual name from the list without deleting the whole list for that particular column/table. This applies to names inthe database. My group is not open to just everyone and when a person has completed a course they will often need to be removed from the membership to avoid their being sent another packet of course materials. It seems I cannot remove them from a list without banning their membership....which I am not willing to do.

This brings up another problem. Membership management. I am not able to revoke members without banning them forever. We approve a member for limited membership privileges, pending the return of a questionnaire. If the questionnaire isn't returned in a certain timeframe the person's membership is revoked until the questionnaire is returned, at which time they are allowed to rejoin through the issuance of an invitation to join. I very seldom want to ban a member forever. How to I revoke/remove a member without banning them forever?

I do appreciate the quick response to the complailnts regarding the Photos section. Having each photo album name showing is a great asset. Having the ability to alphabetize the albums is a great asset. I believe they should be alphabetized automatically rather than on request but it is at least an option now.
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sleeldFlomi : Remember this? It is windows 2000. An instant media player on the left side.

Is there a way to restore it on windows 7? or a program to do this? It was so convenient.
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goodevry8 :
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wanb4669 : that is a wav player.
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Reetuevilkink : It appears that you have to have that type of file associated with WMP. If you have another player set as your default then the little mini player won't show in the preview pane.

So you need to make sure you have say your .wav or .mp3 files set to open with WMP. (right-click a file of the type you want to preview and select Open With and then Choose Default Program and set to WMP).
You also have to enable the preview pane in Explorer. Click the window icon immediately to the left of the question mark/help icon in any Explorer window to toggle the preview pane.
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ChenteeAven : Basically what I'm asking is if there is a program that will allow me to type in commandblock commands, and tell me if they will work or not. Like if I type in text that won't work, that specific text turns red. Much like a live HTML or CSS writer. Please let me know, I love messing with commands and it's a pain to keep hitting enter or push a button on Minecraft over and over again to find out what's wrong.
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