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Musfoenue : I need to buy some visa prepaid cards for gifts. Can I buy these with a credit card or do I need to buy them with cash?

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Boeolermep : no you cant because imange the headache if someone did charge back
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SkipSnuntee : that is up to the seller but why ask us just go try, I have bought them that way
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iuolermef : Hi

I have a Hitachi Simple Drive 3 which has served me well for around 4 years now, I have had it plugged into my Panasonic Viera TV into the HDD USB slot, I have used it to record my tv shows and it has only once played up on me because I unplugged it and it decided to reset itself!
It has just started doing this: I tried to set a program to record and it didn't recognise the HDD, in fact it didn't even detect it! I unplugged it with the TV on and then plugged it back in again, and then it worked but the it happened again and I couldn't get into work at all.

Please help me!
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dicSlulpcut : The drive itself may be failing or the external case circuitry may be faulty

Dismantle the case and remove the drive and mount it in a tower computer, it will be industry standard, SATA data and power connectors. If the drive is now visible on the computer the drive is OK and the case faulty, is so just buy a new external case and assemble the drive back in and you should be fine
If the drive is still not visible the computer then the drive has failed and you may as well buy a new external drive.
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Pawwrercesata : Sorry to hear that.
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sBRwdShx : get to files, links and databases. get to files, links and databases
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jajidmeu : Is there an android program that I can copy text and it will find multiple links in the text to later download.?
Jdownloader on PC is able to do this, but i need an android equivalent just for this function.(be a plus if i can download the links with the same program)
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yughkygsrlxh : I know pcs are better but i move around alot so a laptop is more practical
so far in videos i have seen it can run bf3 and such but are the specs good?
Could it run bf4? or day z?
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chistazgf : Ideapads are better than average on industry reliability and quality.
Specifications for a system @ £500 are good.
Intel® Core™ i5-3210M Dual Core Processor, 6GB DDR3 RAM, 1TB HDD, DVDRW, GT 635M
The i5-3210M will not bottleneck a GT 635M
General gaming expected shown here:
Rank #133
BF3 smooth at medium settings, and depending on your satisfaction of frame rates to graphics, can set it higher.

When BF4 comes out of beta to full release, it is expected that GT 635M is a little below the lowest settings at about 25 fps. It should load, but your expectations need to be low.
DayZ is not a problem at all.
Although many newer games have low minimums, BF4 and a few others set higher minimums (at least as expected so far).

Although the Touch screen is a waste in my opinion,
This newer model of Z500 has the GT 740M.
OK, its £550. If you want a laptop for years of use, you sometimes need to spend more than planned.
WIth the GT 740M, you are sure to play.
The GT 635M should play low on the x768 screen, but better to be a little over the minimums than under the minimums.
A Sony is another potential at £560
You will eventually want to upgrade its ram, the cpu is a slower underclocked i5, but the GT 740M may be a better version and screen quality is normally good with a Sony.
I would go the 550 quid Lenovo, but giving another option.
The Lenovo is priced much higher in other stores. The sale price is a good sale.
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