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wekToogeattam : I tried using it under Visa but it didn't work. Do I have to use another way?

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goodevry12 : was it declined?
did you register the card with the card issuer
thats usually why it get declined no match on file with the card issuer
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sBRwdShx : it will not work

The problem with prepaid and gifts and debits are holds if your order is $50 and you have a $50 card the hold will take the $50 and unless it is release by the time your order is ready to ship which 99% of the time it is not the card will be rejected for the sale. You need 2 times the purchase amount. Also most online site do not accept prepaid or gift cards at all
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ExannaMaf : Ok so I've been using Steam for well over a year now ... and just these last few weeks ... maybe a month ... I have had problems with Steam. Twice now, the program (process? App?) will be running just fine and then for some unknown reason I can't access ANY function from the Steam app ... either from my notification area (bottom right-hand corner of my screen) or manually through searching for the correct process to start up (i.e. ... I want to play a game, so I search for the executable file in my hard drive and try to open it up to play the game.) Any time I try to launch a game, I get an error code P:0000065432 and of course the game fails to launch.
In fact, the Steam app icon in the notification area just disappears entirely ...
The first time this happened, I just restarted my computer and re-started the Steam app from there ... But now I'm having problems restarting my computer so I don't want to try that! I could manually force any of the Steam processes to end in my Task Manager ... but I don't want to do that unless there's no other way around this!
Anyone have a clue?
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TurnKegedeego : I've read that some have fixed that problem with having Steam in offline mode, so I suggest that you do that first. If it don't work reinstall steam, and if that doesn't work contact the steam support.

Remember that google is your friend :)
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goodevry12 : I recently rented a database for 12 months from a company with email address's - and I was told that the email addresses were tagged so that if a different company marketed to them they would find out. Is this possible and how do they do it?
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carpinteyrotmv : So i need to create a class for a camera store named DigitalCamera, and it contains data fields for a brand, the number of megapixels, and price. include a constructor that takes arguments for the brand and megapixels. if the megapixel is greater than 10, the constructor sets it to 10. the sale price is set based on resolution; any camera with 6 or fewer is $99, and all others are $129. also include a method that displays DigitalCamera details. write an application name TestDigitalCamera in which you instantiate at least four objects, prompt user for values for camera brand and number of megapixelsm and displays all values. HELP?!
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Asyncinaccich : Where is your code at? We aren't here to do your homework for you. We are here to guide you if you are lost. Attempt the assignment, then come back with code. You can do it!!! :D
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2qot54rt74o : This is quite simple compared to stuff you'll learn later down the road. Take a bit of time to review this stuff. I won't do this for you, but i will, at the very least, walk you through some of it. It's important to think about problems like these critically to better understand them. It will help in the long run. As a tutor in training, this is all i can say.

DigitalCamera will be the name of the class and the constructor is also the name of the class.

public DigitalCamera (String nameOfFirstVariable, int nameOfSecondVariable)


/*I take it this will be done the easier way and will be done in whole numbers instead of decimals, like how megapixels generally are stated to being for digital cameras. This is why i use int for my example*/

Now, this object will also need to determine if the number of megapixels is above 10, so what will you use to determine this statement? This statement will, as a result, set the number of megapixels to 10 for all cameras whose megapixel count is greater than 10 and determine the price for the camera(s). Cameras with megapixel counts above 6 will have a price of $129, and all below 6 will have a price of $99.

And last, but not least, you will need to write a toString method that will return the details of the object. The object in question will need variables for price, brand name, and megapixel count. These variables' values will be what is returned by this method. Just like you are to return a String, you will return this particular String that contains this information.

Your driver class will be TestDigitalCamera and in this class you will use it as a source input for your actual program. Remember that you're going to create the DigitalCamera objects in this class to where they will be accessed in the DigitalCamera classes.

Good luck,
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bouhambiffKib : id think of it need to get input from the you will need to print out to console, get some variable and have a set function within the camera class to set a member variable within the class object once you initialize the camera class...

so... will contain your member variables(string brand, int megapix, etc..), get and set functions, and possibly a print function will contain your program flow
create your camera object
system.println(enter brand) this into camera object by using the set function
systemprintln(enter megapix) this into camera object by using the set function

to retrieve these values you use your get function

If you need to save more than one object, you can use an array of objects as a global variable in your main class
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