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Invoixene :

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EffodoGob : only an ebay gift card
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agobeTaulge : I need a program I can download on this computer to put on a cd. The problem is I don't have the password for my other laptop and I tried installing windows over, I still need a password. So i have decided that I will put some sort of erasing program on a cd and put it in that computer. Any idea where I can get this? and how to place on a Cd?
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EpildKitillek : You can only place programs on discs. There are password hacking programs out there, but why couldn't you have searched for one on Google?
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SkipSnuntee : DO U know when u start ur computer press esc or something else it says to press to enter setting it will ask u for password just press enter use arrows to go to security from there for admin make a new password
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LFsonia : Try this:
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aqfcdnh631 : hi khay
I presume you mean a bios password,as a windows password would be deleted as soon as you reinstall windows and the windows password wouldn't stop you reinstalling windows
however resetting the bios password requires resetting the bios and this can be done using one of two methods,however the second method may not be possible with a laptop as it requires using a cmos jumper which may not be accessible on a laptop
the main method is removing the cmos battery ( which may also be difficult on a laptop ) however to locate the cmos battery you need to remove the large plastic cover on the underside of your laptop and the cmos battery is a small cell like battery ( same as the batterys found in watches) ... and this needs to removed for 20 seconds and then placed back
this will reset all the bios options including the bios password and you can now reinstall windows without having to enter a bios password
in regards to a cd eraser well you could use a live cd called "gparted "( ) which needs to be booted from cd/dvd .... you need to enter the bios and make sure your dvd/cd rom is set as the first bootable device ( then save and exit setup before exiting the bios ) and as long as the gparted live cd is in your dvdrw drive the program will boot and gparted will start
gparted allows you to delete,partition and expand the size of your hard drive .. however theres many more features which include the ability to shrink your hard drive ....
if you have a floppy drive ( which most people don't ) you can also use a legacy windows 98 start up disk and then run the "fdisk" command prompt ... this allows you to format your hard drive and also create/delete partitions... but be warned,this is a dos based tool and requires some old dos commands including
1) format c: ( were c is your drive letter )
2)fdisk ( utility )
in summary these programs/tools allow you to format or delete your hard drive,however you can also do the same tasks when installing windows xp,vista,7 and 8
I hope this helps ..any questions let me know
good luck mate !
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jacquelinerarmstrongg : I'm doing a research paper about database engineers and whenever I look up information about database engineers I get results for database administrators. I want to know what the difference is between them. PLEASE answer quickly and correctly because my rough draft of the research paper is due Oct. 10th!
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ringajm150 : Judging from the definitions of a system administrator and a system engineer, I would say these would be the definitions for a database administrator and engineer:

Database engineer: one who defines, plans, and implements a database system while coordinating with network, infrastructure, security, and storage teams/engineers. Eg--the one who designs the database system.

Database administrator: one who manages an existing database system (users, databases, backup, troubleshooting, etc.). Eg--one who manages the database system.

Those are just my definitions--don't know how correct they are.
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Usathepoutouh : and i can't find a real and helping program to unlock it .... and i can't find a real and helping program to unlock it ...
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