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juniperex : So, I was on Amazon last night and purchased something by accident. A couple hours later I was sent an email and realized I had purchased something by accident so I sent the seller an email to cancel it, and he did. This purchase was made on a Visa Gift Card. How long will it be before the money will be credited back to the card?

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immondity : muffins taste good
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Weahinseshy : You can't credit money back on a gift card..
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preermrax : good luck gift cards are not designed to receive money

The problem with prepaid and gifts and debits are holds if your order is $50 and you have a $50 card the hold will take the $50 and unless it is release by the time your order is ready to ship which 99% of the time it is not the card will be rejected for the sale. You need 2 times the purchase amount. Also most online site do not accept prepaid or gift cards at all. They are almost impossible to refunds on. All prepaid and gift cards SUCK
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Kesseneli : You should see your credit within five business days.
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Innotomic : my buddy's mother makes $86/hr on the computer. She has been laid off for 9 months but last month her pay was $7198 just working on the computer for a few hours. Read more here...
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Chesforse : Hello, I have kind of an unusual problem.
I was looking at my Computer directory and one of the main folders ("OS (C:)") was red: I only had 5 gb left on it.
So I decided to move half of the Programs which were inside it (as in, the directories) to the other folder in the Computer directory ("DATA (D:)"), which was empty.
I made the wrong choice because now I can't open any Microsoft program, including Windows Live Photo Gallery, Office, and not even WinRar and other stuff. I put the programs back to their place but nothing. It's a big mess, do you have any advice? Thank you SO much.

PS. When I try to open Microsoft Word, it says that "this version of Microsoft Application Virtualization is not compatible with this version of Microsoft Office".
I tried the System Restore but nothing. It restored it to a "point of backup" that was automatically made yesterday, but the programs aren't working yet.
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BreamsEasesia : do you have a restore point that would be the fast way restore the computer to a point befor you did all that . you could also try to scan disk and defrag it might tell the other programs where to find what they need in other make new paths to it
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ikiwefrxckme : Your best option is to do a "restore to an earlier time." Select a day the computer did a system backup before you made your changes and see if that solves the problem. It should put everything back the way it was before you moved them.
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VasyaSeownik : for windows 8 press the windows key on the keyboard then move your mouse to the top right corner then drag it strait down click the magnify glass search remove everything and re install windows the next stuff should be easy for anyone to figure out
for windows 7
xp or vista- dude its time to upgrade anyway...

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