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2qot54rt74o : I got this Visa gift card last christmas (2010) and im not sure if 07/14 means July 14th or July 2014

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cannonf : ...You still have 2 years to use it... It expires on July 14, 2014.
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Artfooter : It has not expired. Look at the back of the card, it will give you a website to check your balance on it.
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ordilmida : July 2014
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imiLsanitazem : Cards only print month and date due to business periods ending on the last day of the month. So it will not be able to be used in August of 2014.
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laasathkaqasa : I used a program which has deleted all of my history on my internet browse and computer. I read somewhere that that only way I could get it back was by doing a system restore. in normal windows mode I kept on getting the (0x8000ffff) error message telling me to temporary disable my antivirus scan which I did, Windows firewall, Bitdefender ect and still I kept on getting that message until I did it in safe mode and finally it got to do a System Restore, although it said it had done it now changes were made, and almost everything was the same when I left it. Why?
Also I even did the (0x8000ffff) in command prompt and it said that it couldn't detected anything and still did the system restore but didn't change anything. Also the restore point of that earlier date which I trying to restore is still listed so obviously it hasn't restored. How can I fix that,why isn't it restoring? How can I fix the 0x8000fff) error on normal windows is there any solutions to these problems? Bitdefender is not eve working properly, plus I cant really unistall it, it's been licensed.
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Appaniadutt : Why would you use a program to do something so simple as to cleanse your internet history?

I fear that this program you used is a form of malware, and is now actively interfering with your internet security programs.

The best advice I can give is to go back into safe mode and uninstall/delete/utterly get rid of that program you used. If I am correct, it would have access to the internet by way of accessing the program that holds your internet history. Given that, and the apparent fact that it is interfering with Bitdefender, it sounds really suspicious. Also, it sounds like it is also interfering with the system restore function ... not a good thing.
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IrredsPruri : Please rank in order from most to least stable.

Also, which one is easiest to get into?

Drop Shipping
Domain Flipping
ClickBank (affiliate marketing)
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likelucyru : There is no money in any of those activities, unless you're an existing media company looking to start a news site in the form of a blog. Want to know some actual reliable ways to make money online? Set up an online business and use Amazon, Ebay, or your own E-commerce site using Magneto or OpenCart.
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HoisyLoro : 1. Blogging
2. Affiliate marketing (dunno what clickbank specifically is)
3. Domain Flipping
4. Drop shipping
In my opinion anyways. Blogging is a safe bet but takes a long time to set up, affiliate is the same deal basically but that could go south if the product you're promoting becomes obsolete. Domain flipping has way too much competition, most of the good ones are taken... trust me. Drop shipping seems like it would be a hassle to get into...
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