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Tedwoodosen : Theer is an item on ebay that I want to purchase but I don't have a credit card to put on my ebay acount. Would it work if I got a prepaid visa credit card /gift card and put its information in as a regular credit card? Thanks

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torpwelmeo : Yes, you can go online and register the visa vanilla gift card to a specific zip code. Then add it to your ebay/paypal account to use. Just enter your info as if it was a standard CC to your home address. eBay and Paypal only verify the zip code in an address on a CC so just make sure the one you register it to online matches your home zip you use with paypal and ebay. Ebay and paypal will treat it as a regular CC.
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weebrorge : i recently redownloaded windows 7 on my hp probook 4535s and i think i have all the drivers. my computer cant seem to recognize my BUILT IN fingerprint reader. i have all the programs and drivers yet it says "connect the fingerprint scanner". PLZ HELP!!!
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korelomihu : It most likely does not support it anymore you need to redownload software for fingerprint scanner. these guys can help you do that
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JanoNease : I have two text files. Each text file (Text File A and Text File B) contains a large number of usernames. One username is on each line. I've alphabetized all the entries. Some entries do appear multiple times in each file.

I want to print all the entries from Text File A that are on Text File B. IOne clarification: if entry "pig" appears 5 times in Text File A and 3 times in Text File B, I would like to print "pig" 5 times.

1) Is there any program/web site that you know of that will allow me to do this easily?

2) If there isn't, please give me some general guidance (2-3 sentences) on how to go about doing this. I am much more experienced than an amateur programmer, so just a little nudge in the right direction would work.

If 1) is yes, no need to answer 2)
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eradywopperse : Since both files are sorted, you just have read a name from A and then read B until the name matches or is greater than NameA. And then just continue through the files in the same manner.
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Normagree : For my next gaming build, I want to have an SSD as my main hard drive. I need to be able to run the OS, Steam and Origin, MS office, as well as some other basic programs, and have room left over for some games, like SWTOR. I can go without keeping my movies and TV shows on there, and put them on an HDD, but what range should I be looking at to comfortably run a functional PC with at least a few games on it?
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igorokfree : i am trying to connect to i am using firefox vers24 i have used google chrome and tried safari and cannot connect to it but my windows phone can connect to it but i have to get my pc to connect to it. i have tried a proxy server but not sure i am doing right so was wondering if anyone else had any ideas
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ExannaMaf : Must be something wrong with the computer or operating system. I can connect with any browser on more than one machine. Maybe yours is full of spyware.
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