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olgabuzova : I only use cash but I do have my check direct deposited to the visa card. I am desperately trying to locate a company that will lend without a bank account. *******PLEASE don not tell me that I don't want to do this. I need emergency money and there is nobody to borrow from***** Only comment if you can help!
Thank you in advance

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Drahphawletle : No. the paper check is the security for the loan.
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Ceanolobgenly : No one does this you are SOL :(
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sopkolifi : I got my computer a few months ago and "Trend Micro Titanium Internet Security" came with it. so i installed that and a few months later it kept saying Protection disabled and i need to restart my computer to fix it. I've restarted my computer multiple time to try and solve this but nothing happened! Please help me with the best of your ability. Thank you so much!
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Android Phones : My "OS (C:)" is completely filled up and I've never even touched my "Data (D:)" and it's 254 gb. More importantly, can I use it to store software/ programs?
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sleemnavalolo : your drive D: is 254 GB free space? sure, why not??
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biddeteemict : When you add everything to the C: drive where you OS is and fill it up completely, you will make your computer very slow. A hard drive partition should never be filled to more than 80% capacity.
Put all you can onto the D: drive. You may have to uninstall and reinstall programs to make the links to them correct. It depends on what your OS is--some are better than others. That is a guess because you keep your OS a secret. There are some utilities to do proper migration, even of programs.
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voitrolovon : D: should be the second partition of your hard disk .Of course , you can fill its free space with files.You paid for that .
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maolekmtol : Should work fine, you may also want to remap your Documents folder and to the 1TB drive as well, otherwise, music, homework, appdata and other downloads will fill up the SSD pretty quickly.
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kotelekokd : Just enough. Be careful not to install too much on that drive, and be sure to move any page file to the HDD to save the life of the SSD....
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