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phsinanchl : iam thinking of getting a visa card or master card and i want to know which one is better...

can u guys tell me about the fees and which one is most widely accepted.
by much we are charged per transcation when we are out of the country
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lenazhuck : you should have one of each as both not always accepted. No one pays a fee to have a credit card unless retarded
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byszoctgp : Visa and Master Card are simply the "brand" names. As far as any fees associated with them, that is all dependant on the bank that backs your actual card.

I have 4 Visa's...all backed by a different bank, all with similar, but different interest rates, different balance transfer terms, different due dates & different reporting dates.

Even if we both got a visa from the same terms could be totally different from yours, since we likely have far different credit histories. Your history will determine what rates & terms a certain bank will give you.

All Poodles are dogs, but not all dogs are Poodles. Get it??
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SPbrain : So I have 2 audio outputs on my computer and I am recording and I would like to recording software to record both outputs but it does not have the capability to, I was wondering if there is a program that will set the 2 outputs to one and then I can make the recording software pick up both of the outputs. If someone could give me a link or the name to a program then I would appreciate it but please dont type stupid shit like "there is a program somewhere".

If you have an answer then type it, if you don't then dont!

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gorodezpup : you need a stereo to mono adapter (note: this is not the same as a signal splitter)

you can find them on ebay to mono adapter&_sacat=0&_from=R40

pay attention to which side is male and which side is female.
also make sure the plug size is the same as what you need.
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iuolermef : Hi

I have a Hitachi Simple Drive 3 which has served me well for around 4 years now, I have had it plugged into my Panasonic Viera TV into the HDD USB slot, I have used it to record my tv shows and it has only once played up on me because I unplugged it and it decided to reset itself!
It has just started doing this: I tried to set a program to record and it didn't recognise the HDD, in fact it didn't even detect it! I unplugged it with the TV on and then plugged it back in again, and then it worked but the it happened again and I couldn't get into work at all.

Please help me!
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dicSlulpcut : The drive itself may be failing or the external case circuitry may be faulty

Dismantle the case and remove the drive and mount it in a tower computer, it will be industry standard, SATA data and power connectors. If the drive is now visible on the computer the drive is OK and the case faulty, is so just buy a new external case and assemble the drive back in and you should be fine
If the drive is still not visible the computer then the drive has failed and you may as well buy a new external drive.
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Pawwrercesata : Sorry to hear that.
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KneermaWarf : security mcafee, malwarebytes and superantispyware, are those programs the best i can get for my windows 7. security mcafee, malwarebytes and superantispyware, are those programs the best i can get for my windows 7
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DrSandraVann : I recommend AVG as your antivirus as it has got many features which will help to secure your computer. One of the feature is the AntiRookit which will scan your computer for roots of the virus.
You can also try out Advanced System Care to clean registry errors, secure your privacy, speed up your PC and even check for security holes.
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