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camarok : So i am 14 and i am getting 200 dollars and i was wondering if i would be able to get a re-loadable visa gift card or would i need to have my parents get me one. i knows it cost money just wondering.

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csyez028 : 18 unless ur parents sign the agreement
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csyez029 : No you can buy them in any Walmart or cvs
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Graiccaky : sure
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toribhibbleri : Nope. They're like any other gift cards; anyone can buy them.
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Shietlewappal : you must be 18 for prepaid, debit and CC as a minor only a gift card and they are not useful online.

The problem with prepaid and gifts and debits are holds if your order is $50 and you have a $50 card the hold will take the $50 and unless it is release by the time your order is ready to ship which 99% of the time it is not the card will be rejected for the sale. You need 2 times the purchase amount. Also most online site do not accept prepaid or gift cards at all. They are almost impossible to refunds on. All prepaid and gift cards SUCK Federal law protects users of CC from fraud you have none with other cards
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GGYGYG : Is it a pretty good learning site? Is it up to date? If you sign up, are you stuck with a contract or something? Thanks!
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hypermiska : yes it is legitimate.
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OxillFige : Yes, it is a legit website and keep itself updated with the latest changes and software. It is good website for learning any kind of software or programming languages. They have expert tutors which provides excellent video tutorials on a particular software or programming languages.
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malininigor : I've used it a few times, and the tutorials are very useful + they come with source files which is always good. Depending on what your wanting to learn, you can try other sites such as and (these sites are for learning coding languages mainly such as HTML, CSS, C++, PHP, etc.). Although the downfall is that you have to pay for membership, a free code learning site is
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