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Prurbadeora : When you don't own any money in your credit card

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NitengekGen : No. Just pay the amount in full when you get the bill for best credit.
Having a credit balance (overpaying) a credit card brings no benefit.
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vitalykim : That's called paying off your credit card. Your debit card is linked to a cash account. So, transferring money from it would be paying actual money.

So, if you paid off your credit cards, yes, that would increase the amount of credit you'd have on THAT card. Depending on your situation, it could (over time) increase your overall credit.

UPDATE: I re-read your question. If you owe nothing on your credit card and you OVERPAY, giving you a negative balance (they owe you money), it does nothing for your credit.
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kedduadwaytum : If you stuff your droppings back into your rear end, does it come out as food from your mouth?

No. It does not increase your credit. Althou you can spend more money, the credit limit doesn't change.
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TrurlNismmish : I don't really know why you would do that... the credit card would just issue a refund in the next billing cycle.

A credit card isn't a "real money" account like a debit card is... it's a line of credit. They lend you money and you pay off the loan. The credit card company doesn't *want* to hold funds for you, so if you have a surplus in your account (from a return after you've paid off your bill for the month, for example), they will usually just cut you a check for that amount rather than holding it if you don't use it for additional purchases before you get your next statement.
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NekMommoutt : Generally yes. You will show a credit on the card. So if you had a card with a $500 limit and no balance and you paid $100, you could theoretically buy something worth $600. It will not change your basic limit, but with a positive balance your effective maximum purchase goes up.
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Blealperb : I am looking for a book that can teach me C++. I have no knowledge of coding at all other than a tiny bit of VBS and E2. (I know HTML and CSS, however they are markup languages not scripting.)
What I am looking for is: Simple terms, explains the terminology, easy to understand.
I was looking into "C++ For Dummies" yet it has some bad reviews, is this a good book; or is they anything better?
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Gysrere : Not sure to be honest.
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augmery Parriorkmn : Tony Gaddis books are used around here at the University. I've been through one of his books (Pyhon). And working on the second (C++). I find them pretty elementary. He explains what code does line by line. Has lots of examples and practice stuff at the end of the chapter. Once in a while there are topics that are harder to understand (object oriented programming). But it's not that hard after you put together a few of the practice assignments at the end of chapter. And always feel free to ask questions online of course.

Best to you!
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flooceend : I just bought a book not long ago to refresh my memory.

This one is very good, both for beginners and intermediates alike.

Jumping Into C++ By Alex Allain

Offers tutorials, quizzes and practice examples. Highly recommended
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