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NathanaelXM : I am a student i am not my dad usually pays my credit card bills and i have never missed a payment...But my credit card payment this time was due on january 3rd and i just foned now in the night and found out that it says that minimum payment was due today.....So, I quickly deposited the minumum payment of $50 on it now...but it says that the payment will be applied on January 4th date....which makes it a day late.....What is going to happen now? Please help.;...I am my credit going to be okay?...or what is going to happen by being one day late?
Btw...its a mastercard

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Sleeryrub : the interests will increase and you'll pay extra money at the end of the year and also it affects you credit.
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VaraTrurorb : They cancel ur credit card I think :) hope it helped
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Ubnolermef : Why are you paying the minimum? Carrying a balance is horrible.

In any case, you will likely have a late fee applied.
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Weanceencable : Interest.
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CobyStoll : your fine you might get a late fee but if you have been with them a year or so they will waive it if you call. There is no excuse to ever be late hopefully this "scare" is the only one you will have
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NampDeemid : I want to create a website for free, I will be using it as a personal site to link all my social media together. I'm starting a YouTube channel and I want there to be one place where everything is linked. I want to create an interactive website and I do know html and css code so now I just have one question: where do I start? Do I need some kind of software or is there an internet tool?
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Vordsmody : some computer programming software which is both safe and free to download and use. some computer programming software which is both safe and free to download and use
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ferapontbull :

Its Java, very good language goodluck!

for tutorials search Bucky Java Tutorials on youtube
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Intassecheara : My program is supposed to do this...
int n = 100; i
int sum = 0;

while (n>0)
sum = sum + n;

Here's what I have...





la$t0, n# $t0 has the location of n
lw$s2, 0($t0)# $s2 now holds n

Loop: slt $t1, $zero, $s2 #set temporary variable
beq $t1, $zero, Exit #test to see if $s1 contains 0, jump if true.
add $s0, $s0, $s2 #code to execute if a < b
addi $s2, $s2, -1
j Loop #jump to top of loop
Exit: #continue on after while loop

sw$s1, 20($s0)
la$t0, sum# $t0 has the location of sum memory
sw $s0, 0($s0)
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