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kemiCavaPoike :

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ibwrmcmr : Credit = risk (risk of you defaulting)
Bad credit = bad risk
Nobody will deal with you.
Common sense
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Kellcouplef : A secured card is the only shot.
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swmssozshjgp : I just got my first credit card from Capital One, and I have no credit at all; it has a $500 limit
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Kifeinfeteeks : go to your bank and ask for a secured card. at my bank they can range from $300 - $10,000
check around a little because all secured cards have an annual fee & you want to make sure you pay as little as possible.
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Broumenn : No one gives unsecured cards to people with bad credit anymore. Best cheapest way to establish credit is a secured bank loan pay off over 7 months and repeat until you can get an unsecured one. Getting a CC to start your file is stupid

A $300 limit would actualy make your credit worse because no one can stay under $100 a month in purchases
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Fecregree : So I had a iPhone and it broke. My Twitter account was verified with my phone so in order to login into my Twitter you had to verify it with my phone. Now my phone broke so I couldn't get into as it wouldn't turn on so I couldn't back anything up. Now everytime I try to login to my twitter from my new phone or computer it says I need this back up code from my phone? But as I said I don't have the iPhone anymore. It doesn't give me any other option other than I need to get some code from my phone??? I want my Twitter back lol v-v
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attibiaIllefe :

or just email them and explain
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medrision : I am going to be recording a short demo video for an EPK. I have an instrumental backing track recorded so all I have to do is turn on the built-in FaceTime HD camera and capture my live playing and sound. So as not to compromise the quality of my live playing sound, I will be recording the audio using a Profire 2626 Firewire interface. My dilema is this: I want to shoot a VIDEO; So far, Garageband allows me to record audio but not video and iMovie allows me to record video but not to reconfigure it's settings so that the audio captured is picked up through my condenser and not the crappy built-in iMac microphone. My question is: How to I reconfigure the settings to allow me to record my video with the built-in camera AND capture my sound with an external microphone at the same time? Also: What program should I be doing this with?
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Emaimiply : 1.Write an expression that whose value is the fifth character of the String name

2.Assume that name is a variable├é┬* of type String that has been assigned a value. Write an expression whose value is the first character of the value of name . So if the value of name were "Smith" the expression's value would be 'S'.

3. Given a Stringvariable├é┬* named sentence that has been initialized, write an expression whose value is the the very last character in the String referred to by sentence .
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