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inciongqgn : I have bad credit (FICO 600) from foreclosures and a repo back in 2008. However I now make six figures and would like to get a credit card to rebuild my credit. I currently have a secured credit card but would like to know if there are any companies willing to give credit based on income.

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Shiegephabe : about it you can get information from here
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OrderZithromaxOnline : if you've had this job for 2 years and can take in paystubs and tax returns for verification, there should not be a problem.
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igorokfree : Your income has nothing to do with your credit history. If you went to the bank and asked for a $5,000 loan, or wanted an auto loan without a HUGE down-payment, you'd still get denied. Millionaires would get denied, because your history shows you are not good with managing your money.

Wait it out, get your FICO at least around 650 range, then start applying.
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xgevcrfz : OVERVIEW:
-So for my assignment, I need to calculate BMI using the formula:

BMI = weight / (height/100)^2

where weight is in kg and height is in cm

-All I have to do is use the Java standard class Scanner to get user input and System.out.println() to show the results to the user.

1) I need to read user input into int variables but perform calculations using double.

2) I cannot alter the formula so I need type in the formula exactly as it is given to me. I can't break the expression up into separate statements or flip the fraction or anything like that.

-I've gotten most of the coding down already. I just can't figure out how to get the equation to work properly because the result of the BMI always ends up different than when I calculate it by hand. I've tried Math.pow and I've tried different ways to write the formula and nothing works.


import java.util.*;

class BMI_Calculator {
public static void main(String[] args) {
Scanner calculator; //define object
calculator = new Scanner(; //allocates to new address
System.out.println("This is a BMI calculator.");//prints words
int height, weight; //what the variables are
System.out.print("Enter your height in cm here: ");//prints words
height = calculator.nextInt(); //waits for user height input
System.out.print("Enter your weight in kg here: ");//prints words
weight = calculator.nextInt(); //waits for user weight input
System.out.println("Your BMI is: "
+ ((double)(weight) / (((height) / 100) ^ 2)));



This is a BMI calculator.
Enter your height in cm here: 175
Enter your weight in kg here: 61
Your BMI is: 20.333333333333332

-I've calculated the BMI by hand many times and I have confirmed that the BMI should be like 19.908 or something like that

-When I tried using numbers such as 76 and 89 for cm and kg, the hand-done result was significantly different compared to the Java result.

-If anyone can help me with this, that would be greatly appreciated! (I'm hoping this is just a silly mistake I'm making rather than something complicated that people can't figure out haha)
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celtics22 : // i really want to know, how you can have these two figures, both compute and hand calculate are wrong. ( 61 / (1.75 ^ 2 = 3.0625) = 19.9183...)

import java.util.*;

public class BMICalculator {
public static void main(String[] args) {
int heightInCm = read("Enter your height in cm here: ");
int weightInKg = read("Enter your weight in kg here: ");
System.out.printf("Your BMI is: %f.%n", getBMI(weightInKg, heightInCm));

private static int read(String prompt) {
boolean done = false;
int result = 0;
do {
Scanner keyboard = new Scanner(;
try {
result = keyboard.nextInt();
done = true;
} catch (Exception e) {
System.err.println("Error: invalid value was entered.");
} while (!done);
return result;

private static double getBMI(int weightInKg, int heightInCm) {
return weightInKg / Math.pow(((double) heightInCm / 100), 2);
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elektrorobinXS : Every site I've tried makes me do a survey and once I do it, I still cant download the program. I honestly don't know if it even works. Does anyone know?
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prognorgo : unable to afford to sign up
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gggggssssss : Why would anyone be stupid enough to give you access to their service which they have paid for and risk being held liable for any illegal or inappropriate action of yours. Apart from that you would not get the service unless that account was permitted at your address. And asking this could get you a prison sentence for theft of service. It is totally illegal to use another person's Internet service outside of their household. Up to 5 years prison per connection and a permanent criminal record, and you publicly asked on a site monitored by every police and government agency and which stores all your details for years. VERY clever.
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Miketymn : i m thinking is it good to buy 6670 and crossfire with 8670D
the score of hd 8670D is 869 of g3D :

the score of 8670D + 6670(dual) is 1426 of g3d :

So my question is 8670D + hd 6670 give me better performance in and give me more fps
eg:8670D runs crysis 3 on 20fps with med settings.Crossfire of 8670D and 6670 runs crysis 3 on 30fps on med settings
plz reply
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