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ACCITTEER : Hi i just got my own debit card today with an account and i have a question that will probably seem like a dumb question but here it is; i want to buy something off a website but its only payment option is credit card. Can i use my debit card number to pay or that probably wont work will it?
oh this isn't a gift card. its a mastercard debit, with my own name and account

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Coarmarib : yes but

The problem with prepaid and gifts and debits are holds if your order is $50 and you have a $50 card the hold will take the $50 and unless it is release by the time your order is ready to ship which 99% of the time it is not the card will be rejected for the sale. You need 2 times the purchase amount. Also most online site do not accept prepaid or gift cards at all
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alusEsmadohal : If your debit card has a Mastercard, Visa, Discover, or American Express Logo on the face of it, you can use it just like a credit card. If the only option is credit card, select that. If they give you debit and credit options, I would choose 'debit'.
Be aware that whatever you charge comes immediately out of your banking account.
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Helenc : I received the following email regarding my item on Craigslist. To me, it screams scam, but I rather not let the notion alone push 800 dollars out of my hands, so I wanted a second opinion. First off this email is leagues more legible than his first, and to simply just pay $800 for software without question is unheard of in my book.

" Thanks for the prompt response to my mail. I will be buying from
you so please kindly withdraw the advert from C.LIST. Please be
informed that i will be paying with a Money Order or Cashier Check
from my Bank it will be delivered to you via United Parcel Service
(UPS) or FedEx , Also, last price you're willing to sell for . So I'll
need you to provide me with the following information to facilitate
the mailing of the check...

Name to be on the payment...........
Home address...........
Zip Code..............
Cell phone #................

I will make arrangements for the pick up as soon as you have your
money I am completely satisfied with the advert and the payment will
be delivered within 24hours.** I use a hearing impaired phone # and
will receive your calls via email **

N.B UPS/FedEx does not deliver to a P.O box addresses.Thanks"
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Isabella_Washington : Yes it is a known scam. Search the first few bits into google. In general, if something sounds too good to be true, or seems unusual you should probably leave it alone.
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CLOMIDONLINER : I have some clips from a zoo I went to and I want to put them together and upload the whole video to YouTube. My Windows Movie Maker will not upload, no matter what I do.

The editing program I want to have is downloadable, you can put background music into it, words on the screen and especially I can upload it to YouTube. Any ones that are out there? And ones that WON'T give me viruses.
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skekwoopy : You may try this Video Editor, it's a nice video editing software that can help you edit, join, split, trim, crop, convert and cut video, it embeds many special effects, you can even put a video inside a video. And here is a guide about how to use it. Hope it helps. Contact me if you have any other question.
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zygmundti : I have a NVidia 9500GT 1gb DDR2 video card that, after a clean install of windows, is now showing as error code 12 for "PCI Express standard Root Port"
I've already tried everything that i could find that supposedly fixes code 12s. I've installed the updated chipsets for my board already as well. The driver that it says it's using for it is pci.sys, which isn't even a display driver. In device manager, I don't have a display adapters option. just the PCI-e root port with an ! next to it.
I've already tried pointing it straight to the driver to use but it says that it's not a supported driver.
Any other suggestions would be great. thanks!
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FalaGaildedayi : You can use desktop
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innonryness : best is try downloading Driver pack. its from here: >>, and this file >>>>>>>>>DriverPack Solution 13 build for DVD

then after downloading it. RUN the EXE file.
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