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qasaathkaqaas : What happened to the 'three years number' on credit card statements? As, in how much I must pay to pay off my credit card in three years? It's disappeared from two of my three credit cards' statements.

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SeRviceFus : You might want to call your bank. I checked my statements and all mine have them.
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attinkMatrerm : I don't usually
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Bizextittegub : How do I make this program for assigning Grade letters from percentages to only have
3 lines of codes in the Sub portion

*I think I have to change the function portion but I am not sure how

Please help!!!!

Option Explicit

Function getscore() As Integer

Dim score As Single
getscore = Val(InputBox("enter score"))
score = getscore

End Function

Sub Grades()

Dim Grade As String
Dim score As Single
score = getscore
If (score >= 90) Then
Grade = "A"
ElseIf (score >= 80) Then
Grade = "B"
ElseIf (score >= 70) Then
Grade = "C"'
ElseIf (score >= 60) Then
Grade = "D"
ElseIf (score >= 50) Then
Grade = "F"

End If

MsgBox ("Grade=" & Grade)

End Sub
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unselsbup : Try this.......

Public Sub Grades()

Dim intScore As Integer
intScore = InputBox("Please enter the student's score out of 100")

Dim strGrade As String

If intScore > 89 Then
strGrade = "A"
ElseIf intScore > 79 Then
strGrade = "B"
ElseIf intScore > 69 Then
strGrade = "C"
ElseIf intScore > 59 Then
strGrade = "D"
strGrade = "F"
End If

MsgBox "The student's letter grade is " & strGrade

End Sub
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theomarttestmk : I have an HP laptop and I know that HP has a program on their computers that disable the built in automatic system restore point and I want to disable it so that Windows will automatically create one. How do I do this?
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GamiAmibe : I am writing an application that uses a math problem, and there's two answers to the problem.

First answer: It is a decimal, but I want only the whole numbered to be displayed. Example, if the answer is 40.3333337, I want the "40" to be displayed.

Second Answer: It is a decimal, but I want only only two decimal places to be displayed. Example, if the answer is 40.3333337, I want the "40.33" to be displayed.

Any ideas on what code I can use for this?

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Occubrerobe : cek here, about rounding fraction in VB :
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NesOrestned : Imports System

Public Class Program
Public Shared Sub Main
Dim value As Double = 40.3333337

// to be displayed... not rounding?
Console.WriteLine( "{0:0}", value)
Console.WriteLine( "{0:0.00}", value)
' Console.ReadKey()
End Sub
End Class
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ArridoNop : Can anyone tell me how to find the "Downloads" on a Kindle Fire HD? I have downloaded an audio book from a third party site (not Amazon) and before the download began I was prompted that the file would have to be opened from the download file/folder for the first use.
After 30 min I am unable to find anything titled Downloads.
Any help would be great
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