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Tromsbreedo : I wanna get We Came as Romans tickets for their show at the San Diego SOMA but I only have a debit card. Can I get them online with a VISA debit card or can I also get them at the door? Thanks in advance.

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melekdajre : The debit card will work.
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Jamesgos : as long as your card has a visa or mastercard logo it will work. doesnt matter if it is ran as a credit or debit.
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KitActick : You get a better choice of seats if you buy them online now, which you can do with a debit card. It'll ask for the 3 digit code, which is the last 3 numbers, on the back of the card after you put in the numbers on the front.
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bertiefeleciau : It has to be using the method public static void main (String[] args), and i don't need the code for it at least if someone could give the logic because I honestly don't know how to start. Thanks!
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Stoolalixsal : Use Euclid's theorem in your code - it will make it very easy

but check the complexity issues at -
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trelfHexrurry : Well using mod is involved because the gcd is
like for 8 and 12 its 4.
Neither has a remainder.
Check this out.
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Beskeragmasse : For a project, I have to test code that I wrote and document what happened when it ran. So, my question is, can you test the integrity of a program in other way then just running it? My program only includes output, so I'm not sure how you would make the program crash.

So, what should testing of a program consist of to rate it's integrity and prove it's functionality?
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Tromsbreedo : Hi,
I designed a new website and it works great in Chrome, Firefox ect. How ever I used a friends computer who has Internet Explorer 8 and the website doesnt load up properly. Its as if the website thinks its being loaded up on a mobile phone so just comes up with a messed up 1 column lay out.
I have researched online and apparantley it is something to do with the W3 Validation, now after installing HTML Tidy Up and some software similiar, it seems nothing has affected or changed it.
I run my website on wordpress using the Moreno theme so have no idea what to do.
Any help would be greatly appreciated, and possibly in step by step as i am not the most technically minded person.
Thanks :)
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kevinmgibsonb : Try deleting the browser history and cache. Often times that old cache causes pages to show up weird. Also IE 8 is quite dated now a days, so maybe it doesn't support some of the coding you used. IE 11 is almost about to be released which should work I assume. Try it on IE9 or IE10 if you can though, just in case.
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