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Miztiessy : i want credit card but my credit score is low,so how can i increase this score

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AnneriaMice : Learn to spell so you can get a decent job.
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jajidmeu : By getting a job, opening a bank account and keeping both job and bank account in order for at least 2 years. Save up some money and get a secured card from your bank that reports your monthly payments to the credit bureaus and in due time your credit score will increase and you can get an unsecured card in a year or two.
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ciggriecosy : Write a script in Scala that does the reverse of the previous problem. Have it prompt the user for the number of seconds elapsed since midnight and then display the current time in the format HH:MM:SS.

it needs to come out like this: What is the current number of seconds since midnight?
Entered: 31503
Answer: 08:45:03

HELP PLEASE, can you write the code/script.
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ugg675o : I keep running into errors when trying to run a simple ruby store... I am a beginner in ruby and i dont know if i'm close to getting it down our i have a a bunch to go. I am supposed to be able to execute the following commands if the store works properly

store = #should create a new store object
store.add_to_cart "eggs" #should add eggs to the cart
store.add_to_cart "Pie" #should add pie to the cart
store.add_to_cart "Shirt" #should do nothing
store.add_product "shirt", 15 #should add $15 shirt to products hash
store.add_to_cart "Shirt" #should add shirt to cart
store.add_to_cart "bread" #should add bread to cart
puts store.cart # should output: eggs, pie, shirt, bread
printf "$%6.2f", store.cart_total #should output: $ 24.20

the code that i have so far is below..

#code begins
class Store

def initialize
@items = { "eggs" => 1.5, "bread" => 3.0, "granola cereal" => 3.4, "coffee" => 2.3, "pie" => 4.7}
@cart = []

def add_to_cart( item, price)
@cart <<

def add_product(item, price)
@products <<

def total
@cart.inject(0){ |sum, item| sum + @products[item]}

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srfecti644 : i have a list of html
i need to access them but they are not direct links...
help me out.
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Beskeragmasse : Hi friends, I bought an domain from bigrock site. my domain is ( I don't buy hosting, because I had blog on blogspot and I just redirect my blogspot blog on my new domain. But now I am facing problem when i open my website with ( its working. But when I only type ( in browser it will not working. But when I once open my site with using (www) after than if i open without (www) it will open. But its opening if first time I using without (www) . Now plz help me is this domain hosting site problem or should I contact to google.
And one thing more when in webmaster tool I am trying to set domain (like with or without www) the message pop up you are not verifed owner of this site. whereas I aready verified owner of this website by choosing the domain owner option.
Now I am in trouble ........ Please help......... plz.plz
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