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Accutarcasy : I have a carecredit account with a $4300 limit. Its charged up to about $3500 the minimum payment a month is $120 Me and my sister pay $160. In february she is going to be giving me about $1000 which will be many months in advance for her part of the bill i was thinking of using the whole $1000 and pay it to the card is that a smart decision? I think It will lower the monthly payments to where i could pay it on my own im not sure if its the best decision though.

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small50v : I wish that you told me the intrest rate then I could give you a more accurate answer.
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Higinhinocumn : That is a very good decision.... because it will lower the balance and will make it easier to pay off the rest BEFORE the zero APR grace period expires.

Remember that you have only to a certain date to pay it off completely to avoid the finance charges. The minimum payment that they require does not get you there on time so you do need to pay more and figure out how much needs to be paid every month so you can have it paid off before the Zero APR time expires.
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Blokefoex : 1000% better to pay on the CC no matter what the rate because you need to get the utilization rate below 30% (1300) so that your credit score is not being hurt by the high usage
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glenckistr : Write a script in Scala that does the reverse of the previous problem. Have it prompt the user for the number of seconds elapsed since midnight and then display the current time in the format HH:MM:SS.

it needs to come out like this: What is the current number of seconds since midnight?
Entered: 31503
Answer: 08:45:03

HELP PLEASE, can you write the code/script.
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Fecregree : So I had a iPhone and it broke. My Twitter account was verified with my phone so in order to login into my Twitter you had to verify it with my phone. Now my phone broke so I couldn't get into as it wouldn't turn on so I couldn't back anything up. Now everytime I try to login to my twitter from my new phone or computer it says I need this back up code from my phone? But as I said I don't have the iPhone anymore. It doesn't give me any other option other than I need to get some code from my phone??? I want my Twitter back lol v-v
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attibiaIllefe :

or just email them and explain
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Payncattiff : I love Linux and I love programming, I want to learn more about scripting in python, bash, perl, c..
I like trying to solve programming problems even though I might not be the best.
I'm just worried if I do networking it will all be hands-on and boring stuff like upgrading firewalls etc.
what do you think?
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likelucyru : Choose computer science as your degree. It offers the best of both worlds from Networking and Operating Systems to Programming. I just graduated with a bachelors degree in it. At times its tough but when you get to the hard stuff, you'll be ready, trust me. As for network administrators using coding, yeah, knowing how to write scripts will save you alot of time.
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yang1239p : I am trying to sign onto internet and getting an error message reading DNS Server is not responding. What is the next step I take to get it to respond and how do I find out what the IP address on my computer is?
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