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ISPDN : Ok so, I want to buy something on Ebay but most sellers require Paypal. I do have a Paypal Account but I do not have a credit/debit card. My dad got me a $100 Target Visa Giftcard. I added it to my Paypal and it says my Gift Card is confirmed with my address and everything.

But when I go to My Account, it says my Paypal balance is $1.95. The $1.95 is from the confirmation thing but my balance from the gift card isn't showing. Is it supposed to show as $101.95? Or when I buy something off Ebay, do i have to select my gift card?

Also, I do not have my "Status" as verified because I do not have a bank account. Will that be a problem?

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perthuycharsupp : 1. "My dad" implies you are under 18. You can't be on eBay or Paypal if you are underage.
2. To weed out underaged users, Paypal does not accept prepaid/gift cards of any kind.
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MellAlertisee : Write a script in Scala that does the reverse of the previous problem. Have it prompt the user for the number of seconds elapsed since midnight and then display the current time in the format HH:MM:SS.

it needs to come out like this: What is the current number of seconds since midnight?
Entered: 31503
Answer: 08:45:03

HELP PLEASE, can you write the code/script.
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xgevcrfz : OVERVIEW:
-So for my assignment, I need to calculate BMI using the formula:

BMI = weight / (height/100)^2

where weight is in kg and height is in cm

-All I have to do is use the Java standard class Scanner to get user input and System.out.println() to show the results to the user.

1) I need to read user input into int variables but perform calculations using double.

2) I cannot alter the formula so I need type in the formula exactly as it is given to me. I can't break the expression up into separate statements or flip the fraction or anything like that.

-I've gotten most of the coding down already. I just can't figure out how to get the equation to work properly because the result of the BMI always ends up different than when I calculate it by hand. I've tried Math.pow and I've tried different ways to write the formula and nothing works.


import java.util.*;

class BMI_Calculator {
public static void main(String[] args) {
Scanner calculator; //define object
calculator = new Scanner(; //allocates to new address
System.out.println("This is a BMI calculator.");//prints words
int height, weight; //what the variables are
System.out.print("Enter your height in cm here: ");//prints words
height = calculator.nextInt(); //waits for user height input
System.out.print("Enter your weight in kg here: ");//prints words
weight = calculator.nextInt(); //waits for user weight input
System.out.println("Your BMI is: "
+ ((double)(weight) / (((height) / 100) ^ 2)));



This is a BMI calculator.
Enter your height in cm here: 175
Enter your weight in kg here: 61
Your BMI is: 20.333333333333332

-I've calculated the BMI by hand many times and I have confirmed that the BMI should be like 19.908 or something like that

-When I tried using numbers such as 76 and 89 for cm and kg, the hand-done result was significantly different compared to the Java result.

-If anyone can help me with this, that would be greatly appreciated! (I'm hoping this is just a silly mistake I'm making rather than something complicated that people can't figure out haha)
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celtics22 : // i really want to know, how you can have these two figures, both compute and hand calculate are wrong. ( 61 / (1.75 ^ 2 = 3.0625) = 19.9183...)

import java.util.*;

public class BMICalculator {
public static void main(String[] args) {
int heightInCm = read("Enter your height in cm here: ");
int weightInKg = read("Enter your weight in kg here: ");
System.out.printf("Your BMI is: %f.%n", getBMI(weightInKg, heightInCm));

private static int read(String prompt) {
boolean done = false;
int result = 0;
do {
Scanner keyboard = new Scanner(;
try {
result = keyboard.nextInt();
done = true;
} catch (Exception e) {
System.err.println("Error: invalid value was entered.");
} while (!done);
return result;

private static double getBMI(int weightInKg, int heightInCm) {
return weightInKg / Math.pow(((double) heightInCm / 100), 2);
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reeksorneycle : this is the only javascript/html rotator script I could find but I need one that will rotate in order but this one is random.

Will someone please tell me what to replace so this random script rotates the urls in order.

Thank You

<script type="text/javascript">

var urls = new Array();
urls[1] = " ";
urls[2] = " ";
urls[3] = " ";
var random = Math.floor(Math.random()*urls.length);

window.location = urls[random];

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AZAdrion : umm.. will this do??

<script type="text/javascript">

var urls = new Array();
urls[1] = " ";
urls[2] = " ";
urls[3] = " ";

// checking for the last url visited.. :/
if(!localStorage.lastUrl) localStorage.lastUrl = 1;
if(localStorage.lastUrl >3) localStorage.lastUrl = 1;

window.location = urls[localStorage.lastUrl];
localStorage.lastUrl++ ;

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ojbeautyy :

I am trying to send an email and it keeps bouncing back so I am wondering if it is right as I have never heard of a donbobbin domain before.
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lwilliamb : yes its wrong
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sxgigifsbsxl : Me neither 8\
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