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JulianD8 : hi there, i am about to open up my own business. i have great products. but, how do i get accept credit card payments ?

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gerceWedy : You need a merchant account. Open a business account with a bank and ask about their merchant accounts, unless you're just selling stuff online, then use Paypal or something.
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malopivva : You can use a business software program called quickbooks (i have my own business and this is what I use) It will do EVERYTHING! You can accept credit cards through it.
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Jervedriple : i would suggest that you fist open up a merchant account on online payment systems, like Paypal, AlertPay, and ChargeAnywhereDirect to accept credit card payment from your clients
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zlhdcwbl : Insert your card your booth machine and select your amount.
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Alibabamen : I specifically input a download code on so it would be easier and quicker and I was on my live account on the website. In my memory, it says that the downloads are not under my gamertag and I was wondering how to sync them up.
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Bizextittegub : How do I make this program for assigning Grade letters from percentages to only have
3 lines of codes in the Sub portion

*I think I have to change the function portion but I am not sure how

Please help!!!!

Option Explicit

Function getscore() As Integer

Dim score As Single
getscore = Val(InputBox("enter score"))
score = getscore

End Function

Sub Grades()

Dim Grade As String
Dim score As Single
score = getscore
If (score >= 90) Then
Grade = "A"
ElseIf (score >= 80) Then
Grade = "B"
ElseIf (score >= 70) Then
Grade = "C"'
ElseIf (score >= 60) Then
Grade = "D"
ElseIf (score >= 50) Then
Grade = "F"

End If

MsgBox ("Grade=" & Grade)

End Sub
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unselsbup : Try this.......

Public Sub Grades()

Dim intScore As Integer
intScore = InputBox("Please enter the student's score out of 100")

Dim strGrade As String

If intScore > 89 Then
strGrade = "A"
ElseIf intScore > 79 Then
strGrade = "B"
ElseIf intScore > 69 Then
strGrade = "C"
ElseIf intScore > 59 Then
strGrade = "D"
strGrade = "F"
End If

MsgBox "The student's letter grade is " & strGrade

End Sub
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quegoglenossy : I am looking for a software encryption program that acts something similar to Itunes. The software would convert the files into a meaningless file type with random file names. The software would act as a database/view of the encrypted files.

I would like to have this since the files can then be uploaded onto dropbox or cloud backup vendor without the worry of anyone viewing the files (yes, they have all access to all your files unless it's encrypted). Also, traditional encryption software like Truecypt and Bitlocker would allow a hacker to have access those files when you are trying to back up to a third party vendor. Having it encrypted in the software levels means they have no idea what files are important and what files are needed in order to complete an archive.

I have searched for a long time now and haven't been able to find something like this. There are file hiding programs, which won't allow for backups or zip/7z programs but gets complicated when you are dealing with hundreds of files.

So this is what I am looking for....

Bitlocker, entire partition
Software Encryption, specific files/folders

Any help is greatly appreciated!
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colemiliClipsp : Sadly, I do not know of any publicly available software which is as you describe.
This is routinely done for Government secrets, but they have purpose-written software to do it, and rely on the Mandatory Access clearance of the relevant users to control access to it.
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