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hiceReergeTag : I am 19 years old and decided to purchase an Equifax FICO score today. It came back as a 753! I am a college student (currently an intern making $700 a month). I have no credit cards - only $11,000 in federal loans. I pay rent, but with a check. I use my debit card a lot. I have $3,300 in the bank (checking account). I applied for a Citi student credit card 2 months ago, but got denied.

1. How can my FICO score be this good?
2. Do you think my score is good enough for a CC now? I'm not sure how I got denied 2 months ago. I just started working three months ago, so maybe that's why, but that would mean my score jumped a lot in 3 months? Any insight would be great.

How can my credit score be this great?
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ordilmida : Credit cards are almost impossible to get unless you are 21 or older.
Also, you must have sufficient income to meet their requirements.
$700 a month, probably won't qualify.

Begs to question - why do you need a credit card?
It sounds like you are in great shape.
If you get a credit card, you might be tempted to carry balances which could easily lower that credit score. I would leave things as they are and continue using your debit card for what you need.
Check those credit reports line by line.
Could your mom/dad have made you a co-signer on a loan or a credit card in the past?
Sounds like you are focusing on the score and not in the information on the reports.
Check the other two reports for free at
Annual Credit
Don't ever pay for your credit reports again.
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alleseeappell : Check your other FICO scores as well. And so you know, a credit report is NOT the same as a FICO score. The credit report can be free from annualcreditreport, but not the scores.

As to why you have a 753 FICO, have you started making payments on the federal loans yet? Loan payments build credit pretty fast. However, if you had a 753 FICO, credit cards would be sending you pre-approved offers.

I started with a credit card to build my credit. After 3 months (Yes, really) my score was over 760, and I started getting other pre-approved credit card offers.

Stay turned...See who sends you offers.
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BuyCiproUS : The score is only one part of the puzzle.

Your age is a problem.
Your income history is a problem. You can't show you've had the same job for 3 years.
Your existing debt is a problem.

The fact that you are 19 and a student means you are subject to the new credit card laws.

Under the new law, no one under age 21 can get a credit card unless a parent, guardian or spouse is willing to co-sign or unless the young adult has proof of sufficient income to cover the credit obligations.
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RegoWerve : No, your score can't be that good. Something is definitely wrong. Did you pull your credit report? My guess is that your credit file is merged with someone elses or your parent's added you to their credit cards as an authorized user. However, if your FICO score really was that high, you would be inundated with credit card offers.

Where did you get the score? The ONLY place consumers can get real FICO scores is If that score came from anywhere else, it ain't a FICO score.

Third party monitoring services use Fakko scores -- some literally just make up numbers. All three credit bureaus now sell consumers non-FICO scores that are on different scales.

Rent, your debit card, and bank account have no bearing on your credit report/score. You were previously denied for a credit card because of your lack of sufficient income and work history.
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Alislibly : 1. your student loans are being deferred which are showing as current which helps your score.
2. score isn't the only factor in getting a loan, debt to income ratio, how long at work and home, how much you make, what else is on your credit. etc.

you could always try for the card again but i would suggest going for a "share secured" credit card. This is where you give the bank x amount of dollars (for example $300) and they give you a credit card for that amount. Banks will do this so that a. you can build up your credit while b. they don't have to worry about risks of losing money because they have your money as a security if you do default.
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NesOrestned : Because 753 is NOT your FICO score. It is only ONE score --- your Equifax score. You have 3 scores. All have different models they gauge you by.

No, you wouldn't qualify for a credit card now either. One, you have only been working 3 mos, and 2, you do NOT have the income ($700 a month) to qualify for a card.

Paying your rent and using your debit card does NOT factor into your credit score.

With your income, you have NO business having a credit card.
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Asselttox : Hi I play World War Minecraft A technic modpack. And it always runs out of memory how do i dedicate more ram? I have a Dell Inspiron 1525 Windows Vista with 3 gigs of ram. Anyone know the batch file code?
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ForexSignals : PROBLEM: A program is required for calculating the number of days, hours, minutes or seconds between two given dates. the program should accept two dates from the user aw well as the option of whether the number od days, minutes or seconds should be output.

(a) In table form, list the inputs, outputs and processing necessary to provide a solution for the above problem.

(b) Write MODULAR (use functions) pseudo-code to solve the above problem.

(c) Draw a flow chart for the solution

(d) Explain why the solution which uses function may not be considered more robust than one that does not.
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lizatteda : you need a method that knows the rules for leap years, and if the year is a leap year, set February to 29 days, not 28

you need an array of numbers of days in months

in the starting month, the number of remaining days is the value from the table less the starting day of the month

then add up the days until you get to the month before the ending month
then add the remaining number of days in the next month

then handle the HH:MM:SS difference by converting time to secondsSinceMidnight for both the beginning and ending dates
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