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coachoutletolkc : I am planning on buying a miss may I hoodie from merchnow. I do not have a credit card, debit card, PayPal account, or bank account. Can I buy a prepaid visa card and use it to purchase from merchnow? Only people who have experience with merchnow answer please!!

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Alibabamen : yes, you can use a prepaid visa card, all you have to do is activate, and you should be good to go once your money is on there.
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arcadeismyname : Im new to html and my teacher wants me to change this into css but i cant some1 help :[
<!DOCTYPE html>


body {color:red;}
h1 {color:#00ff00;}
p.ex {color:rgb(0,0,255);}

<h2>My courses for Fal 2013</h2>

COSC 4330 Computer Graphics<
IMED 1416 Wed Design I
ITNW 2413 Networking Hardware<

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popzqy : HTML
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Abinicambicus : Our highschool has recently started introducing iPads to some classes such as Physics and Chinese. The school has told us that our iPads are being monitored on the school network and at home. I understand why they would monitor use on their network but I don't see why they should monitor our activity at my home on my iPad.

My problem with this is that I am the owner of the iPad that I am using. I wouldn't care if they would be monitoring the use of school issued iPads but half the students in the school have brought their own to use at school. And I don't like that everything I do is seen by them; my facebook, messages, emails, websites I visit. I'm also afraid that they might be able to see what passwords I use to log on to different websites.

So I think I may know how to get rid of the "spyware" but i'm not sure what to get rid of. Our school made us install 6 profiles on our settings app and I'm not sure what some of them are for.

Here are the names of the profiles:

1. CA Certificate payload

2. *School Name* MDM Profile

3. Self Service Web Clip (An app that gives us codes to get school apps for free)

4. Visual Thesaurus (A thesaurus app)

5. Printing (Gives us ability to print at any printer in the school)

6. PC install

I only know what 3,4 and 5 are for but I'm not sure why I need the others. I need some help figuring our which profile is used to monitor us so I know which one to get rid of. Can somebody please explain what these profiles do and why I need them (If I even need them)?

If I didn't provide enough information please tell me what I missed. Thanks!
@Fred, thanks for the info. I agree with you that this could be useful to stop bullying or scamming but my concern is that they can see everything I have. Personal notes, private messages, stupid photos. Of course I have something to hide, but that doesn't mean it's illegal. I want my privacy for the same reason why you wouldn't let a stranger search your phone or wallet. Everybody has something to hide, but that doesn't mean it's bad or illegal.
I've also heard of one case in which the school was secretly using macbook cameras on school issues laptops to record 24/7 video. These kids were allowed to take these laptops home for homework and such. The school ended up getting sued because they had footage of kids undressing in front of the cameras. Just think about that, the kids weren't doing anything illegal. They were unaware that they were being filmed. I don't want to worry about a camera constantly filming me even when I'm changing clothes.
@Fred, one more thing. I clicked on your profile and I see you've made it private. Nothing to hide, eh? So you MUST be doing something illegal...
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engescues : If you remove any of them they will know. and will cit off your school access if it is your own machine, or remove the machine from the user if it is a school one. The certificates one will probably stop ALL your school access. So would the school profile. And pc install will probably also report to them and stop the others. There is no way they can see your passwords. And why are you worrying unless you are going to break the law by bullying people or scamming them? Obviously you must have something to hide.
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Amommagum : This has been happening for months now and I still can't solve this
issue I'm having. My laptop has been shutting down on me, it's forcefully closing programs (like Google Chrome and Minecraft), the keyboard is typing random stuff, I'm having web pages keep refreshing, it brings up the search bar as I type, I have to press the power button for it to turn on sometimes, and it sometimes turn off when booting up.

I have a Dell Inspiron N5050 and the OS is Linux Ubuntu 13.04. (Not Windows so please don't give answers that only work for Windows operating systems)
This also happens randomly. (Like when I first turn it on)
I also tried using a anti virus (ClamTK) and there's nothing.
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cskc8057 : I really WANT to buy a Lenovo because I love my old IBM Thinkpad T41, however I've read atrocious reviews of their warranty support. I'm buying on the low-end of hte spectrum, either a G500 or maybe a $500ish model. (I only use it for Word...) Just kind of scared off from people getting the run around and pretty much no warranty support and products not as good as "the olden days." Thoughts??
I found one today for only $250.
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TopTV : If you want a cheap computer just for word, spreadsheets ect. You can get a Google Chrome laptop for $249.
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Immuptect : I have a Lenovo Y580, this is a pure badass gaming machine that is comparable to the Alienware M17x. Their starting price is about 800. You get so much for that price. I never had any issues with my laptop btw
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