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Occubrerobe : I added it to my paypal successfully and i'm not sure what to do.
I added a vanilla giftcard of 25$ to my paypal and what i want to buy cost 180$. My paypal balance is 80ish and there is a credit card linked to my paypal account. So I have a credit card and a visa vanilla card on my paypal. Will I be able to buy the item using up my paypal balance and giftcard FIRST, leave the rest unpaid paid, paid by my credit card?
I know its a bit confusing. Sorry.

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grearoriure : If you were truly successful adding this card to your funding sources on PayPal, you don't transfer it to your PayPal balance, you just choose that card as the funding source when you go to buy something.
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LagIdogmaCand : I have created my first multi-page website using textwrangler. It is an html document styled in CSS. When I open my webpage in the browser it is very big, I have to zoom out as much as I can but it still looks big. How do I fix this?
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TrubrelugSX : More information is needed for me to answer this as I'm not familiar with texwrangler. What is big about the website? Are the words/letters big? Does the page scroll more than you would like? If I had to guess without seeing the page I would say that a CSS style has been applied to most of the text that makes the text appear as a heading or in a large font. Did you create the CSS code yourself or get it from somewhere else?
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typeJeplay : Hello

In my opinion, I think you should be giving your attention to your css file, and screen resolution.

You can change your screen resolution, and update your css file until you acquire your desired layout, for your website.
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bertiefeleciau : It has to be using the method public static void main (String[] args), and i don't need the code for it at least if someone could give the logic because I honestly don't know how to start. Thanks!
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Stoolalixsal : Use Euclid's theorem in your code - it will make it very easy

but check the complexity issues at -
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trelfHexrurry : Well using mod is involved because the gcd is
like for 8 and 12 its 4.
Neither has a remainder.
Check this out.
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ibwrmcmr : I completed a hard reset on a HDD on a computer using a DOS based program and accidentally wiped the main pc drive and wiped the MBR now I can't reinstall Windows-can anyone help
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ytcyseo : Hi
No sorry that was always the issue with those early low level format software products.
they wiped the Major Boot record completely.
so the drive is now dead and a new one will be needed.
some of old men know how but we are now thought of as dinosaurs.
low level formatting takes hours sometimes days before even a standard for mat is possible.
so the easier way is just to get a new drive,
messing with things you don't understand is how most of us old techs learn-ed what not to do.
so it is a learning curve.
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