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sBRwdShx : I recently received a lot of cash and I want to pay off some of my credit cards. I am trying to decide which ones to pay off, and I want to pay off as many as possible, so I am paying the ones with smaller amounts, instead of one large one. That saves me more money monthly. I saw on the Today Show the other day that you could call the credit card company and ask if they will give you a discount or knock some of your debt off if you pay your balance off. Has anyone ever done this? I feel really uncomfortable calling and asking that, but I guess I will if it would save me money.

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rarsepoetry : pay off the cards that have the highest interest rate first
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iandefton : Do NOT do this. Pay your bills in full or you will wreck your credit. Most of the schemes you are talking about are scams. "Credit repair" is a bit of a myth. Settling your past due accounts for less than the balance is the same as a charge-off on your credit report and will lower your score for several years.

Don't do it. Pay the balances in full.
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toribhibbleri : If they give you a break they knock your credit rating. Pick the highest interest rate card and pay it off first. If two cards have the same rate pay the lowest balance off first. Hope this helps.
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hemeokrmer : Logic suggest paying off the debt with the highest interest rate first. But most people with debt issues don't behave logically. They behave emotionally.

Make minimum payments on each card every month, and devote your resources to paying off the smallest debts first. This gives you easy wins, and allows you to re-allocate your payments to the next smallest debt and so on.
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Byhopynep : Despite all the ads, most credit card companies will NOT agree to a settlement unless you have some extreme circumstances. If you do get a settlement, the card company will report it as a charge off/settled -- a serious negative. You will also receive a 1099 for the forgiven portion of the debt which will have to be included on your income tax return.

Plan on paying off the cards in full. Paying off the smallest balances will give you better cash flow but you should use that freed up money to pay on the remaining cards. In fact, it is smarter to pay off the highest interest rate cards first. You pay less interest and can pay off the cards faster -- more bang for your buck.
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ZextEpireerve : What you are referring to is called "settlement" and it is not a good thing. You call the bank and say I'll give you x amount of dollars to forgive me of the rest of the money that I owe. Then they report on your credit that you paid them for less than the full balance owed which means they lost money on you. I would avoid this at all costs.

The best thing to do is to pay down as many small balances that you can, that way you have less bills and more to show for what efforts you put into it. You could also put it towards the highest interest but I think its more rewarding to see more cards at zero balance than it is to have one card at a lower balance.
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Rabjossybop : I'm making a Minecraft server soon, and I need to make a website for it.
One problem.
I've set the background, yet when I go to other pages on the site, it has the old ugly one. How to fix this glitch?

If there is NO way to fix it, any other sites I could make a server with? My friend is the coder in the server, so I don't know how to use HTML much.
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irriddick : Divide the ten (total units across) by two...
In my applications I use the following code to center 2D graphics:

XOffset = ( (SubRectangle.right - SubRect.left) >>> 1) - ( (Image.right - Image.left) >>> 1)
YOffset = ( (SubRectangle.bottom - >>> 1) - ( (Image.bottom - >>> 1)
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toitiedykix : That bit of code does NOT contain the statement that generated the error!
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