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goodevry12 : I've been wanting a Canon 5d mark ii for a while now and I'm just wondering how to go about paying for it. It costs roughly $2,700. I was wondering if I should get a loan to pay it off or just use my credit card. . . problem is I don't want to ruin my credit but at the same time I want this camera soooo bad it hurts
I intend to pay it off but I won't be able to pay it off in full by the time my payment is due. it will probably take me a few months

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CLOMIDONLINER : you will only ruin your credit if you have no intention of repaying it.
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CobyStoll : If you have to get a loan or use a credit card to buy this, you cannot afford it. Saying it would take you a few months to pay it off again screams you cannot afford it. You would be paying more than $2700 for this thing you are in *pain* over not having.
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Jeojeryceby : If you want it so bad then save up the money and in a couple of months you can go out and buy it.

Your credit card is not an option if that charge reduces your credit limit below the 30% mark. You would need close to a 10,000 credit limit on that card to keep it under the "safe" limit or else you will see your credit score go down because you have used up too much of your cards limit.

The store that sells this gadget is probably prepared to do "financing".... see whether you qualify for their financing plan if you absolutely can't live without it.
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urbatotoona :
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ciggriecosy : Write a script in Scala that does the reverse of the previous problem. Have it prompt the user for the number of seconds elapsed since midnight and then display the current time in the format HH:MM:SS.

it needs to come out like this: What is the current number of seconds since midnight?
Entered: 31503
Answer: 08:45:03

HELP PLEASE, can you write the code/script.
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vxperhapslh : Web 2.0 is like an Desktop Application on the internet, so its design is almost like a Desktop App.

Web 2.0 takes a simplicity approach, clean slick design, lot of space, full screen menu, central content. It also utilizes the whole screen to present info just like an Desktop App.

Have a look at these 2 typical Web2.0 sites & tell me whether users like Web2.0 design or prefer the traditional one.!2/a2581/1
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Zonentigesatt : You are mistaken as to what web 2.0 is....
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konwo724 : Go to car boot sales and pick up some cheap junk and sell it on ebay.
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PoitoProvemog : I would suggest using ad-fly it is a website that shortens your URL's. and when people use your shortened ad-fly link you get money. but it isn't much and the other things i would do is try selling stuff on eBay. or starting a YouTube channel 1000 views is 2$.

Hope I've helped.
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