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pamEnera : I am 20 and looking to get a credit card to build my credit. I already have good credit for my age. I'm only wanting to set up this card so that I can set up a monthly payment that will be drafted out of my bank account. For this reason APR isn't particularly important but of course I don't want it to be ridiculously high. A card with no fees is the most important thing. I've been looking online but I can't find a way to narrow down which cards I should be looking at. I'm wondering if I should just call different companies and see what's the best they will offer me. Any ideas or suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks

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DopeHisepup : Did you try your bank? They usually have good rates especially if you are an existing customer.
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goodevry8 : Set up your banking with a credit union (unlike a bank, a credit union will be looking out for you, not for themselves). After that's done, visit one of their officers and ask them to recommend the best card for you.
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wanb4669 : Do you have a job? That is most important now due to new credit law they require you to be 21 or older, OR if 18 to 20 have a job and/or co-sign with someone who is 21 years or older.

If you have positive credit score already, I'd recommend starting with cards that allow people with new or little credit. You can review cards at or You can learn more about credit on
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rebecontannyM : Just got my first credit card with a 500$ limit! I went in to my local credit union, set up an account, and applied with my pay stubs and got it! You probably need a job with a decent income. I'm 20 also and make decent $(20-22k/yr)
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saiskenda :
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glenckistr : Write a script in Scala that does the reverse of the previous problem. Have it prompt the user for the number of seconds elapsed since midnight and then display the current time in the format HH:MM:SS.

it needs to come out like this: What is the current number of seconds since midnight?
Entered: 31503
Answer: 08:45:03

HELP PLEASE, can you write the code/script.
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Sopmduozlhi : I am looking for a pop-up for my website that will make visitors either have to like my Facebook page, follow me on Twitter, subscribe to me on YouTube, or wait 5 minutes to proceed. I saw this on a website and it would really come in handy for me since I get around 5K visitors per day to my website.

Does anyone know some source code for this besides using a website service? I just want raw code, not a company's embed code.

My website is PHP by the way and the link is if that helps.

My Facebook page is, my Twitter is, and my YouTube is if those are needed as well.

If anyone can write me the code for this and make it look nice, I will greatly appreciate it! Thanks!
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exharrive : So I downloaded Utorrent from, the "free download", yet it I can't open the program. It appeared on the Programs & Features folder but when I tried to uninstall it, it said that it had already been uninstalled and it only gave me the option of deleting from the list rather than uninstall it. I can't even delete it from my Downloads folder. It says I don't have permission. Can anyone help me?
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franklynjehoj : Do you want it back on your computer or what though? Running as Administrator involves running right click, going to "Run As Administrator" and doing it that way. It will, if you are Admin on your computer allow you to run it that way. If you are not Admin or don't have yourself listed as the Admin Account, it won't come up on the right click pop up at all. Another way to try to delete a folder.... get out of all programs and such. Restart computer, go to the folder and try deleting. I hope you have luck with it.
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