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criffwaisse :

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Alislibly : Simply you can pay without money. No need to take money in your pocket but the credit card will hold it.
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SmirePeessy : It means you have protection on all purchases and It's handy to have for emergencies. If you get stranded somewhere you can use it to pay for dinner/hotel etc.

If you aren't responsible with it though it can be bad, they are very easy to spend on.
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mapesmootte : Easier to rent a car, make airline reservations, and reserve a hotel room.
Also, it can develop great credit if you pay it in full each month.
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anowslawFlave : purchase protection, mail order, hotels, airlines, car rental, CC are awesome for the consumer there are no down sides unless your an idiot
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gusladdnet : So, I tried to download it (trial), but it says that the version of this file is not compatible for the version of windows I'm running. I heard you can't download this program if you aren't using a 64x bit system type. I have 32x type and I can't download it.

I NEED THIS Sony Vegas Pro 12! I heard you can upgrade your system from 32x bit to 64x bit, but there are barely any tutorials about it and I don't know a SINGLE thing about computers. I am too scared to do it, I will screw up everything. What to do... I need it!

Please help? What should I do???
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PeamsweaKskep : I always wanted to know what you guys think about which is harder to model between a exotic or sports car or a human character.
And the program I'm using is Maya and 3D MAX
Thanks in advanced
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IDdiego : I want to know that how to program for this particular case and in which software?
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JedoLuddy : This isn't a "particular case" until you specify the format. A common application is securely hiding personal information when generating test data or random samples from "live" data. Different numbers have different formats: Phone numbers, credit card numbers, different kinds of ID numbers, etc. each need a different sort of code to encrypt. The problem is maintaining the appearance of validity tests.

You could just use a secure shuffle algorithm to convert a number from 0 to N-1 into another 0 to N-1 number. Since N is usually to large to build and randomly shuffle a table, an algorithm is used to generate the permutation...and a function call shuffle(k) tells you the new position of item k in the list after the shuffle. Feed sequential numbers into that function and you get random numbers out.

For "real world" numbers, the problem then becomes making an efficient 1-to-1 map of the numbers in the problem domain onto the numbers 0 to N-1.
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SeperoArropsy : When i display the verification code, there is no progress in sending the mail, but only there is a refresh of the vertification page, with a new code needed. Why?
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