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immondity : I lost my home and there is also a judgement against me for the home equity line I had out. I have 3 cards totaling about 15,000 that are prob 6-8 months behind. However, I do have two loans that are current and have never been late. Would it hurt me futher to pay on the credit cards since my credit is already damaged severely by the foreclosure and judjement?


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Âàðâóëåâ : you are better of declaring bankruptsy
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voitrolovon : Hey, I have windows 7 home premium and I'm running a 32x bit system. My computer is capable of 64x bit system and I heard you can upgrade it?

Can I keep my data, apps, programs... if I upgrade it?

Indktw anything about computers and no one want to help me at home. How badly can I screw up? I have no idea.. I just watched a few tutorials. How to not screw up? How do I do it? What can go wrong?

My mom would kill me if I do shit with computer. What should I do? How to do it?
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Koposogie : Hello, I'm having some troubles with iexpress.exe (the file binder found in Windows), it appears that when you run a 'binded' file made with iexpress, it extracts the files that you binded to the %temp% folder and executes them there... Is there anyway to make it extract the two files and execute them in the directory of the file?

This is because one of the programs that is executed when you run the iexpress file requires a few dependencies found in the file directory.

Thanks in advance.
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sammyywk99 : Hello i was wondering if someone has a tutorial or tips on how to create a 2d animation program for frame by frame animations? I'm looking for something similar to how PAP works, with the backlighting and able to add frames? any help is appreciated.
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KAKELOODA : My account was deactivated and I forgot my password and regained access to my account after answering the security question. I had to wait 24 hours to log in and now they ask me to enter a security code with the message "It looks like you haven't logged in from this browser before. Please enter the security code from your phone below". It doesn't show which phone number as there is no phone number associated with my facebook account. I have tried different browsers and even used my phone but still get the same message. Please do not advise to make another account as I need this one.
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ganelsalevx : Try it by using yours phone number or any member of the family..
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