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mjohne : . Best cheapest way to establish credit is a secured bank loan pay off over 7 months and repeat. Getting a CC to start your file is stupid
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SorBDrary : If you have no credit rating, go to your bank and talk to them. Everyone needs a credit rating. If you don't work to develop a good one, you'll never be able to buy a car or a house, etc.
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Annedezow : Several days ago, I download folder lock version 7.x(trial) and I began to encrypted some files to try how it works. unfortunately it made my data isolated. I can't through the folder lock although I type the same password on it, I'm ensure not type the wrong password, because I made it password such as the master password
When I create first locker(locker01), it can be moved to other folder, without any message that pops up. And I tried to create another, but this time show a message that I can't move it without permission. I don't know it was my setting's mistake or program error. Is this the problem that make me cannot open even with right password, because move the directory?
I know the master key may able to open the locker, but I'm not registered because I'm use only trial version, and actually I'm not planning to purchase it
and what happen if the trial time is expired, will I am lost my data that locked and cannot access anything or it would be unlocked but it useless?
If there are peoples(the expert) that can help me to solve this problem, I will appreciate so much :)
thanks so much before....
*sorry for bad language and the grammar*
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hessLargora : anybody knows unlock file at folder lock ver 7.x. anybody knows unlock file at folder lock ver 7.x
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enurmouse : Contact for support.
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weebrorge : I will use it for editing videos ( add music to the background, cut and trim, add and delete .... ) what would be best for free ??
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zoownnohype : Write a program that accepts as input the bill for a meal at a restaurant, calculates the tax, the tip, and the total and then displays the amounts.
Calculate the tax using a tax rate of 7% (use a value of 0.07).
Calculate the tip using 18% (use a value of 0.18).
Your program should do the following:
1. Prompt the user for the amount of the meal.
2. Calculate the tax.
3. Calculate the tip.
4. Calculate the total.
5. Display the following values:
The amount on the bill for the meal.
The amount you should pay for tax
The amount for the tip.
The total amount you should pay (meal + tax + tip).
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dpt848wtp : do it on paper first.
Then do one input at a time.
The post back your code.
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LasloDemsi : A[] a = new A[4];

A a1;
A a2;
A a3;
A a4;

a1 = new A();
a2 = new A();
and so on

While trying to make my code shorter I ran into the following error:
A[] a = new A[] {new A(), new A()};
I wanted to have a1 = new A(); a2 = new A();
but if i am directly writing new A() in the array declaration then how can I make the compiler know that I wish to assign var names to new A() and so on?
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