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LixZipLiemy :

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goodevry8 : When accepting payment by credit card, merchants typically pay a percentage of the transaction amount in commission to their bank or merchant services provider. Many credit card issuers, particularly those in the United Kingdom and United States, share the commission with the card holder by giving the card holder points, air miles or a monetary amount. This last benefit, a monetary amount, is usually known as cashback.
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waterfilter : I am looking Looking for technology or software sites that publish reviews of free office productivity application, similar to oneforty or web.appstorm. The diagram app is
Any suggestions are welcome :).
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kayattsag : Here are a some more that have could be helpful:
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Cewayerep : Hi im stuck on my method and Ive been tracing it all night and Idk what wrong with it so plzs help me out! T-T
Receive a reference to the head of a list h and build a list that contains the elements in h that are odd positions (that is the first , third, fifth and so on). So if h contains the elements 3 5 6 8 9 2 your method should build return a reference to a list that contains 3 6 9. Make sure ur method doesnt modify the original list
Here is my code: above
The output it has is : 3 9
So i think the is getting overwritten and I need a new Node to hold the whole OddList throught the for loop but idk i could use some help guys plzs and thank u!
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Kenoquaweenceei : struct lst *A=0,*B,*C;

else break;


Now, A points to the new list which contains 1st, 3rd, 5th node info of list H
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JHhee : Write a program that accepts as input the bill for a meal at a restaurant, calculates the tax, the tip, and the total and then displays the amounts.
Calculate the tax using a tax rate of 7% (use a value of 0.07).
Calculate the tip using 18% (use a value of 0.18).
Your program should do the following:
1. Prompt the user for the amount of the meal.
2. Calculate the tax.
3. Calculate the tip.
4. Calculate the total.
5. Display the following values:
The amount on the bill for the meal.
The amount you should pay for tax
The amount for the tip.
The total amount you should pay (meal + tax + tip).
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Etepsips : main()
float am, total,tax,tip;
printf("Enter the amount");
scanf("%f", &am);
printf("%f %f %f %f\n", am, tax, tip, am+tax+tip);
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shjica4369 : Below are the action tags I want to use for a webform. How can I have the webform do both these actions when submit is clicked? I can only seem to do one or the other, but I want both to happen when the submit button on the webform is clicked.

1) <form method="POST" action="" target="_self" enctype="x-www-form-urlencoded">

2) <form action="" method="post" enctype="multipart/form-data">
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urbawibbona : HTML cannot do this by itself--you will need to use Javascript. I've linked to an example that shows you how to do this with jQuery.
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