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victoriaeannyD : my credit score is 430 i need to raise it to at least 630 all my debt is credit card debt and is about 2,000 in 4 credit cards one has been charged off and i dont know what to do with that but the rest are open and have been sent to collection. should i pay them off and then close them or re open them if it is possible???

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hemeokrmer : on it sites are good top links for decisions of your problem
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kissme2hy8 : I've googled this and only come up with some vague answers about buttons. Can anyone tell/link me a tutorial on what I'd have to do? It only needs to be basic :)
Thanks in advanced
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gusladdnet : So, I tried to download it (trial), but it says that the version of this file is not compatible for the version of windows I'm running. I heard you can't download this program if you aren't using a 64x bit system type. I have 32x type and I can't download it.

I NEED THIS Sony Vegas Pro 12! I heard you can upgrade your system from 32x bit to 64x bit, but there are barely any tutorials about it and I don't know a SINGLE thing about computers. I am too scared to do it, I will screw up everything. What to do... I need it!

Please help? What should I do???
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Cherrimyb : I need help on my assignment and was wondering how:

How to start SmallBasic
How to save a smallBasic program
How to run a smallBasic program
How to open a smallBasic program

In full detail please

Please help, its my first assignment and need support.

Thanks so much :)
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hervebwb : It is a laptop.

GPU: nVIDIA® GeForce GT 740M GDDR3 (2.0GB) w/ Optimus™ Technology

Ram: 8gb 1600 MHz

Hard drive: 750gb 7200 rpm

Processor: 4th Generation Intel® Mobile Core i7-4700MQ Haswell Processor
Intel® HM86 Chipset

If it's unclear, it's an MSi gp60 20D-072US

I need an estimate on how much FPS is achievable with this, with no other background programs up.
An estimation of fps it will achieve while recording with fraps, bandicam, or any other gaming recorder software will be nice. Best answer goes to who answers the minecraft fps, and at least attempts the other questions.
Thanks guys.
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Classified craigslist : I'm thinking about 55+ fps, I have a GT 640 and I get 50+ fps with optifine installed, and some things turned on (8 AA and 8 AF with 32+ far on) and while recording, I would suggest 45 if you set no frame cap. When recording, I get about the same framerate. In conclusion, you should be able to play Minecraft with no problems. This is a gaming laptop, correct?
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TUTPeessyboms : You can max out minecraft and get ~200fps on highest settings. Recording should not be a problem since you have an i7. You should be getting at least 50 fps while recording. Thats a good laptop, my friend has it, even though I think its a bit overkill for MC. a $600 laptop will serve you fine.
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