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Majuceak : I recently bought a prepaid Visa card for $75 to use with my paypal, because I needed to do some quick online shopping. I've been hearing that you can and can't do this on google, so I just want to set it straight. I've added the card to my paypal, and I've registered the card for online shopping, but the $ amount of the Visa does not show up in my paypal account balance. Is this supposed to happen? Or should the amount show? Of I try to pay for something online, will it go through?

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1mannequind : You have to transfer funds from your card to the Paypal account or you could pay directly from your card and the amount on your card shouldn't show.
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Xenanicovan : paypal does not accept prepaid visa cards
the only one they do honor is the green dot money *pak*
now some card might slip though
now you said
Visa does not show up in my paypal account balance.
that's because you didn't transfer the funds from the card to paypal
thats why it doesnt show in paypal
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koaggezhhfxo : it will not show up because until you buy something paypal will not hit the account. It will likely fail as paypal and ebay only accept their issued prepaid cards.
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LasloDemsi : I basically want to change the default save location for everything, from program files for games and software and just everything. I want to use the D: drive (before anyone asks, yes it is internal.)
How would I go about this? Thanks in advance, I don't know where to look online for this. [IMAGE OF MY DRIVES]
How about I hold your head underwater until you stop breathing, sounds right.
F: is my disk drive. D: is the internal HDD that came with my rig.
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Plaulmivisual : Press down Alt and F4 should help.
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small50v : C:/ is the hard disk drive,
D:/ drive is normally the dvd rom drive. If it's not the rom drive on your system then D:/ drive is the windows systems restore drive, If you mess that up you will no longer be able to restore the system to the factory default setting

Advice be careful in what your doing, it may sound like a good idea to do what your thinking. but it could make you more problems.
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waterfilter : I am looking Looking for technology or software sites that publish reviews of free office productivity application, similar to oneforty or web.appstorm. The diagram app is
Any suggestions are welcome :).
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kayattsag : Here are a some more that have could be helpful:
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melekdajre : Just so you know. I am very new to game making , but not new to pixel art. I have a idea to make a pixel art game, (2D side scroller, a bit like Mario but then diffrent) . But I have no idea how to use C++ Etc. I have heard of game developing software where this isnt required and that is easy in use, But i dont know how these are called.

Can you guys give me a good and easy to use program, without any C++ or scripting in it? (If possible optimized for 2d side scrollers.

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